KnifeNews: Custom Integral Maker Brings New Folder to WE Knife Co.


We Knife Co. has brought on another first-time collaborator for an upcoming release. The premium Attor folder will be the first We Knife branded design from Croatian custom maker Dalibor Bergam, and it comes with all the fixings.

Even if Bergam’s custom knives weren’t integral folders wrought in top-tier materials like zirconium, custom damascus, and pieces of meteorite, they would still make an impression with their profiles alone. Bergam’s designs are playful and bold, and always star blade profiles that stand out from the usual, easily definable archetypes with their playful mix of characteristics from different sectors, styles, and eras of knife making.

I don’t know anything about the Croat knife industry, but it looks nice.

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Custom Integral Maker Brings New Folder to WE Knife Co.



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