KnifeNews: Brous Blades Brings out Production Bygones in Limited Release

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Maker Jason Brous is about to add the latest knife to his production lineup, a slim n’ slick, but by no means small, flipper called the Bygones. The knife, which is currently up for preorder, is dropping later this year in a restricted limited batch.

Brous, who works in both the custom and production markets, established his personal style immediately and clearly. On either side of the custom/production divide, his stuff stands out instantly with its eldritch blend of biomechanical embellishment, avant-garde curves, general tactical disposition; it’s heady stuff, but also surprisingly flexible, working well across different use categories and sizes.

Not super familiar with Brous Blades.  I remember them having a larger presence at Blade Show s decade ago than they do now.

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Brous Blades Brings out Production Bygones in Limited Release



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