KnifeInformer: Kershaw Launch 19 Review


Greetings, and welcome to this Kershaw Launch 19 review, where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on one of the best Kershaw knives I have ever handled.

This knife is easily in my top three favorite Kershaw knives and, without a doubt, the best knife from their Launch series of American-made automatics.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this knife an absolute banger.

  • It has a beautiful clip-point blade with a flat grind and crafted from CPM-154 steel, which is typical for the Kershaw Launch series.

  • The ergonomics are outstanding, with a comfortable handle made from aluminum and brown G-10, and a well-placed choil that makes it a joy to hold.

  • The action is incredibly snappy and satisfying, rivaling some of the best automatic knives on the market, like the Protech TR-3.

  • Minor critiques include the lack of recessed screws for the pocket clip and a slight gap between the aluminum and G-10 handle scales, but these don’t detract from the overall excellence of the knife.

I have handled it, and was impressed. Perhaps not as much as Wayne, but he isn’t wildly off base.

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Kershaw Launch 19 Review: An Absolute Home Run Automatic EDC Knife


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