KnifeCenter: DCA’s 15 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyone


The humble and iconic Swiss Army Knife has stood the test of time thanks to its quality construction, affordability, and sheer usefulness while navigating daily life. Nothing else on the market can offer the adaptability and value for money that Victorinox brings to the table with these enduring pocket knife multi-tools. Thanks to the sheer number of models they offer, there is an option for you, whether you are a seasoned camper, an urban fashionista, or a hardworking tradesman. If you need some help narrowing things down, this list is for you.

Really well done list. You know how I dislike listicles as a general rule, especially when they are trying to sell you something. Those that make the cut must contain information and explanation that benefit the reader, and not just the buyer. This SAK list by KnifeCenter’s David C. Andersen is a great example of how to do one the right way.

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