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Howdy folks, we didn’t share my Knife News column last month, because there was no April Knife News. Instead, we covered a whole mess of new releases from the majority of the major cutlery companies.

We are back for May however, with pieces about A.G. Russell, Svord, CRKT, and Civivi. Please read on if you are so inclined…


4th Generation A.G. Russell Powerball features Blackie Collins inspired lock.

While the legendary AG Russell passed away in 2018, the company bearing his name endures. In addition to being a full service retail operation, they continue to produce new knives, many of which are A.G’s designs.

Their latest release is the 4th generation of their Powerball model, a design that was originally the brainchild of A.G. himself, but his isn’t the only famous maker whose DNA is in the knife. The Powerball 4 for the first time incorporates a crossbar style lock, inspired by the late, great Blackie Collins’ Bolt Action Lock. Consequentially, the knife is fully ambidextrous, with thumb studs and a reversible, tip-up pocket clip.

The Powerball 4 has a 3.25” hand-rubbed D2 blade. The bolsters and liners are both stainless steel, with one’s choice of green (with copper pivot ring) or blue (with red pivot ring) G10 handle scales. You can pick one up in person at A.G. Russell Knives’ brick and mortar store in Rogers, Arkansas. You can order one by calling (800) 255-9034 or visiting MSRP is $135.


Svord goes Glam with upgraded Peasant’s Knife

It is with slight embarrassment that this author must admit that until a few years ago I assumed that a company with the name “Svord”, which is most famous for their classic scandi-ground friction folders must be European, likely Scandinavian. I was mistaken, as Svord was founded in New Zealand by Bryan Baker in 1983. Over the years, they have expanded their offerings, but their flagship remains their Peasant Knife, which is available in multiple sizes and a plethora of handle options.

While the Peasant Knife is iconic, it is also a very budget-friendly blade with most varieties clocking in at under $30 from dealers. That is set to change with the launch of a premium option – with DAMAX pattern-welded steel and darkly stained African wenge wood handles.

DAMAX is produced by Alleima (Sandvik) in Sweden, and is billed as “the first Damascus steel produced on an industrial scale”. Because it is composed of 7c27Mo2 and 19C27, the resulting steel is stainless, easy to sharpen, and offers reasonable edge retention.

The DAMAX Peasant Knife is being offered in the smaller, 2.5” blade size, and retails for $231. Because there is no lock, it is an excellent choice for travelers who may find themselves in countries with less permissible knife laws.

Find out more at, where you will also find a contact form for any specific questions.


CRKT Celebrates 30th Anniversary with USA-Made Fixed Blade

As part of CRKT’s 30th Anniversary celebration, they are continuing their trend of releasing premium, American-made knives in partnership with companies such as Hogue, and in the case of their most recent release, Idaho’s TOPS Knives. They tapped designer Russ Kommer, long-time hunting and fishing guide, who has been making knives himself since 1997. The Soldotna, named for a town where Kommer and CRKT Founder Rod Bremer chase Ken River salmon, is a 1095 carbon steel fixed blade, with a 3.48” Cerakoted blade.

Like his prior CRKT collaborations, the Soldotna reflects Kommer’s decades of guide experience. It has a roughly bird-and-trout profile, with ergonomic Micarta scales for a sure grip when covered in water, fish slime, or blood. Overall length is 7.63”, and it rides in a bespoke leather sheath.

In addition to the stock Soldotna, which retails for $200 and will be available from retailers nationwide, there is also a $500 limited edition which will be exclusively available from the website. It features Damascus steel from Vegas Forge, heat treated in TOPS Knives owner Leo Espinoza’s personal shop, walnut handle scales, and is limited to a run of only 200 units.


Civivi releases first Bryan Montalvo collaboration.

Bryan Montalvo is a custom maker from Texas. He has joined with WE Knives for his first factory collaboration, the Bluetick. It will be released under WE’s budget-friendly label Civivi, and is based on his custom design of the same name. In fact, all of Bryan’s knives have hound dog themed names, and the name of his company, Keanison Knives, pays tribute to two of his family’s own dogs.

According to Montalvo, “if you like hunting dogs you know nothing beats a good Bluetick hound. So I designed it to be a true outdoorsman’s knife. Aggressive blade shape, heavy serration, and a great snappy action. Just all seemed to fit.”

The Civivi Bluetick is an EDC flipper, with a nested liner lock, 3.47” 14C28N blade, caged ball bearings, and a reversible tip-up pocket clip. MSRP is $65 for black or burgundy G10 handles, or $67 for green canvas Micarta.

For collectors, there is even a Damascus blade version, with Guibourtia wood scales (better known to woodworkers as “bubinga” or “African Rosewood”, for $95.

You can find out more about Civivi Knives online at Bryan’s work can be found on his Instagram – @keanisonknives

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