GearPatrol: This Zippo Insert Turns the Iconic Lighter into an EDC Powerhouse


Zippo has long made a case for Americans to carry its lighters. The Pennsylvania company, which dates back to the 1930s, used to supply lighters to US military, and millions of American soldiers have brought Zippo lighters into the battlefield. Many still do.

Now the company makes the case for everyone to carry a Zippo — even those who have no need for a traditional lighter. The company’s Bit Safe Lighter Insert, announced late last year and released for the summer, converts the classic Zippo lighter case into a bona fide multitool with myriad uses.

Might have to look into this.  David Sun and Nick Piatt gave me a “Shipwrecked” Zippo for my birthday at SHOT Show a couple of years ago, but I carry one of those small bics in my emergency kit. But the zippo case might make a good container for something like this.

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