GearPatrol: The Best Pocket Knives Made with D2 Steel

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D2 steel has been prized for generations for its wear resistance, edge stability and respectable toughness. For years, D2 was deemed the go-to material for a knife blade that could handle the rigors of daily wear and tear without breaking down or losing its edge. Recent materials developments like CPM Magnacut and M390 steel have shifted D2’s position on the pyramid, and today, its star attribute isn’t its ability to resist damage or maintain its integrity, but rather, its price: D2 has become an affordable, dependable alternative to powder metallurgy stainless steels that can (admittedly) outperform it in regards to wear resistance, toughness and corrosion resistance.

If you’re in the market for a reliable blade that’s easy on the wallet without being cheaply made, D2 is going to be the metal of choice for you. Read on to discover what makes it valuable, when and where you should use it and the top knives that make the best of its combination of utility and affordability.

D2 Steel – It takes a mediocre edge, and holds it forever.

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