EverydayCommentary: One and Done, Part II: The Recommendations


“Okay, so last time we laid out the criteria. This time, we are going to explore which knives and flashlight make the cut. Instead of just giving you one answer for knives and one for flashlights, I am going to try to work through a few options.


There are a lot of knives that meet all of the criteria. But only a few are really worth the effort. The market is flooded, absolutely bloated with knives. Overseas brands are putting out multiple new knives a week. Just about everyone that has used a pair of scissors is designing and releasing their own self-published blade. But a lot of these knives just aren’t that good. Some are good designs with subpar materials (CJRB Pyrite). Some are classics with last gen steels and this gen prices (Spyderco Delica). Only a handful of knives hit that sweet spot for 1+Done…

If you missed the first part, you can find it here.

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