EverydayCommentary: One and Done, Part I


We all love gear. Knives and other stuff are our thing. That’s why you read this blog and that’s why I write it. But, believe it or not, for a lot of people they want a good knife and then they want to move on. For those people, the nuances of various steels and the increasing trend towards “drops” instead of stock items, are a pain the ass. They don’t want a knife hobby, they want a knife.

I imagine these folks are people that are looking for something that is good enough to last them a long time and yet not outrageously expensive. They also want something that can be used in a variety of ways—after all, they don’t want a knife hobby, they want a knife. This premise is something I looked at a while ago in this article. I feel like that recommendation is out of date because one of the items is no longer for sale. Additionally, the light, while excellent misses the mark a bit as it uses an enthusiast battery format. Before I get to recommendations, I want to lay out criteria for the selection.

The idea with the One and Done (1+Done) kit is that you get this kit, it makes your life better, and you move on. Its not an introduction to the hobby or an entry level purchase. Its the kit you get if you appreciate nice stuff but don’t want to go down the rabbit hole. Now, of course, I believe that great still will pull these people down the rabbit hole, but their intention when purchasing this stuff is to get something that is fully functional and nice without being overboard. When I look to purchase stuff that is not related to a hobby of mine, I usually target this tier of stuff OR I try to get things for free or make them myself. My house has a few 1+Done items: a drone (the DJI Spark from a few years ago…BTW, leave a comment if you know a compatible set of googles), some clothes, some shoes (Allen Edmonds Park Avenues…), a full suspension mountain bike, and a few other things.

Here are the criteria I think best capture the idea of 1+Done stuff:

An interesting exercise. What I like about this piece is how Anthony breaks down his thought/evaluation process and articulates the points clearly. A good read, for an interesting project.

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