Blade Show 2024: The Haul


Blade Show is just a week in the past, and yet it feels like a month ago. Even 4 days away from home leaves a backlog of family and work tasks that need done, on top of trying to get Blade Show posts out while they are still reasonably fresh. It took a couple of days for Mark to get some photo booth pics of my knives from the show, and a couple of more days for me to get this post written an up. I appreciate your patience.

As you see from the lead photo, my Haul from the 2024 Blade Show was not the largest ever, but that is because I went for quality over quantity, and I bought 2 Grail quality knives.

The first, a Joe Mangiafico folder, that I have been coveting for a couple of years since Joe was our neighbor at his first Blade Show a few years back. He gave us a Boker production version of one of his fixed blades. I passed it along to Katie, both because she loved it, but also because I knew that some day I would own one actually made by him. And now I do.

Joe is a fellow fishing guide, and his attention to detail in the compound G10 scales of the Brook Trout is phenomenal.

My other Grail-quality knife is from Heretic Knives, and is not something I lusted after for long. Only about 24 hours. I saw it saturday morning and bought it before the show opened on Sunday.

I am not even much of a Mandolorian fan, but the Bounty Hunter Edition Manticore E caught me the first time I saw it.

That FatCarbon is crazy, and I love how it matches the button/slider.

Speaking of OTFs, I did not buy, but was given a Chavez CHUB OTF.


Even though I didn’t purchase it myself, it inspired me to start writing an article on the rise of the utility knife, and pitch the idea to both Reate on the production side…


…where their new EXO-U was one of the stars of the show, and unquestionably one of the fidgetiest pieces at the show.


And on the custom side of things, Mykel Piper of Banzelcroft Customs has made a niche out of crafting handles


My article will also cover the Civivi Elementum-U I have been in contact with my folks at WE, and one is on it way.


Reate did also give us a pivot-lock model PL-XT . I couldn’t find the model on the website, so it is my understanding that this a newer release.

It is a great knife, with a buttery action and good ergonomics. Reate is known for their OEM work as well, and I have been very impressed with the quality of all of Reate’s offerings.

I received a knife from Kizer as part of the “goody package” they gave away at the Kizer Meet.


It is a special 11th Anniversary Edition version of their “Nice Guy” model.  The name is fitting as this is a non-threatening EDC liner lock that is snappy, utilitarian, and versatile. The forward jimping gives solid control for detailed tasks.

The only remaining knife-adjacent items I received was a NanoHone Nano Rasp with a pair of surfaces.

They are both ceramic composite. Beckler is the one who talked to them so I need to do more research. It is a new item, since it isn’t on their website.

Wicked Industries was giving away wax sets with a Cleaning Wax, food grade protective wax, and a tin of skin protectant “Rescue Wax”.

Besides that we gathered a wide assortment of stickers, hats, keychains, and even a deck of cards.

A bunch of these have already been bundled together and will be shipped off to Del as winner of the last Weekend Open Thread drawing.

Weekend Open Thread: The Sacrifices we make Edition.

I have always said that Blade Show is about the people, and I would happily return home empty handed if it meant seeing my friends. That said, returning home with a “Haul” of knives and swag is quite the icing on the cake.

I am already looking forward to Blade Show 2025.


Read the full article here

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