AllOutdoor: Gerber Savvy Folding Knife Review – 940 Osborne Competitor?


Back in January I reached out to Gerber and asked if they would be willing to send a couple of products my way for my fast-approaching SERE Class Date. Unfortunately, some products did not make it to me in time for the class but once I got home a few cool things were waiting for me in my mailbox. One of those cool things was the Gerber Savvy folding knife and being a big fan of the Benchmade 940 I felt like I needed to try this knife out for research purposes.

Gerber is a prominent American brand renowned for its high-quality knives and multi-tools. Founded in 1939 by Pete Gerber, the company originally began as an advertising firm before evolving into a knife manufacturer. Gerber’s first product, the “Gerber Legendary Knife,” quickly gained popularity for its craftsmanship and durability. During World War II, Gerber knives were supplied to the U.S. military, cementing the brand’s reputation for reliability in challenging conditions. Over the decades, Gerber expanded its product line to include a wide range of outdoor, tactical, and survival tools. Today, Gerber remains a leader in the knife industry, known for innovation and maintaining a commitment to quality that has made its products a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and everyday users. When I first joined the Miliraty I was issued a Gerber Multitool and I’m still using that thing to this day.

Looks like this is a good knife for slightly less than the Osborne. Probably a bit better head to head in this case than the Assert is against the Bugout. The Assert is a good knife on its own merits, and I carry it in my rotation, but for the same price the Bugout is better.

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AO Review: Gerber Savvy Folding Knife – 940 Osborne Competitor?…


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