The Christensen Arms Modern Carbon Rifle (MCR) sets a new standard for innovation in ultra-lightweight hunting and precision rifles

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This SHOT Show 2024, Christensen Arms, a leading innovator in precision rifle manufacturing, introduces its new Modern Carbon Rifle (MCR). MCR was engineered to meet the specific demands of big-game hunters and precision shooters around the world by combining a feature-rich platform with guaranteed accuracy into an ultra-lightweight rifle—including a cutting-edge design featuring the company’s proprietary Flash Forged Technology™ (FFT) and Christensen Arms’ signature Aerograde® carbon fiber barrel. The all-new MCR raises the bar for design, versatility and performance in modern bolt action rifles.

With a starting weight of just 6.7 pounds, the Christensen Arms MCR delivers an array of innovative features designed to elevate the shooting experience. Built around the venerable Remington 700-style action, the MCR incorporates an optic-ready 20-MOA rail, providing shooters with flexibility in optics selection with impressive long-range potential. The adjustable TriggerTech® Trigger is factory-set to 3.5-pounds, and offers a 2.5- to 5-pound adjustability range, allowing shooters to optimize trigger pull weight to their preference.

The new MCR delivers additional performance-driven, shooter-friendly features like a detachable magazine, a hybrid grip angle and an incredible lightweight yet durable Flash-Forged Technology™ (FFT) carbon fiber stock. Shooters can also customize their cheek weld by adjusting the FFT carbon fiber cheek riser with the push of a button, while the length-of-pull can be adjusted with spacers, allowing the rifle to be easily tailored to any shooter.

The full-length M-LOK™ forearm features an integrated forward Picatinny rail making accessory attachment easy, while the skeletonized bolt handle and FFT carbon-fiber bolt knob enhance functionality and save weight. Quick-detach points, both front and rear, also offer convenient sling mounting options.

The Christensen Arms Modern Carbon Rifle is available in various configurations with optimal barrel lengths and twist rates for today’s most popular calibers and features a sub-MOA guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  • Free-Floating Christensen Arms Aerograde® Carbon Riber Barrel
  • Suppressor Ready
  • Premium RFR style Muzzle Brake
  • Remington 700-Style Coated Stainless Steel Action
  • Optic-Ready 20-MOA Rail
  • 2.5- to 5-pound Adjustable TriggerTech® Trigger (factory set at 3.5 pounds)
  • Detachable Box Magazine
  • Hybrid Grip Angle
  • FFT Carbon Fiber Stock
  • Push-Button Adjustable FFT Carbon Fiber Cheek Riser
  • Adjustable Length-of-Pull with Spacers
  • Full-Length M-LOK™ Forearm
  • Integrated Forward Picatinny Rail
  • Skeletonized Bolt Handle
  • FFT Carbon Fiber Bolt Knob
  • Front and Rear QD Attachment Points
  • Starting Weight: 6.7lbs
  • Calibers / Barrel Length / Rate of Twist:
    • 6.5 CRD / 22 inches / 1:8
    • 6.5MM PRC / 22 inches / 1:8
    • 7MM PRC / 24 inches / 1:8
    • .308 Win. / 22 inches / 1:10
    • .300 Win. Mag. / 24 inches / 1:10
    • .300 PRC / 24 inches / 1:8

Shipping: March 2024
MSRP: $2,399.99

For more information, please visit the Christensen Arms website or click here.

About Christensen Arms

Originating in a small garage in Fayette, Utah, in 1995, Christensen Arms founder Roland Christensen developed an idea that stood out: a carbon fiber rifle barrel. Since then, they have grown substantially and are most known for their world-renowned long-range target and hunting rifles. Their inspiration and drive to create such high-quality products come from their experience with carbon fiber and other advanced aerospace materials. Go to to learn more about Christensen Arms’ unique history and future trajectory.

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