SK Customs Launches New “Gold Series” Featuring the Early Italian Renaissance


SK Customs®, the Nation’s only series-driven, limited-edition manufacturer of custom firearms, is proud to announce its new “Gold Series” as part of the Early Italian Renaissance collection. Drawing inspiration from the 15th century, the Early Italian Renaissance Series showcases the masterpieces of renowned artists such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Andrea del Sarto and Raphael.

The new “Gold Series” will be limited to only 25 completed series sets, consisting of one custom-engraved knife, and four custom-engraved firearms that feature the iconic figures of the Early Italian Renaissance. Each knife and firearm set will have consecutive serial numbers and matching edition numbers.

SK Customs is partnering with Springfield Armory on this collection of limited-edition engravers model 1911 pistols chambered in 45 ACP. The Gold Series guns are accompanied by limited-edition engraved 24k gold etched blades, by renowned knife maker Coltellerie Maserin. Established in 1960, Coltellerie Maserin has been a reference in that artisan tradition since the beginning of the company and has led Maniago, “City of Knives,” to excel everywhere in the quality of its products.

“The goal of the Gold Series is to symbolize the cultural rebirth of the 15th century. With each installment, we aim to pay homage to the knowledge, art and humanism of the era,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Guns. “The firearms in this series have remarkable beauty, and this collection is truly set apart by the addition of the knives created by Coltellerie Maserin. This striking combination of gold, wood and steel is a fantastic tribute to the innovation and beauty of the Early Italian Renaissance.”

SK Customs’ proprietary color conversion engineering ensures a highly reflective and permanent color on the steel slide of each firearm. The pistols also boast Italian Olivewood grip panels engraved with Italy’s Fleur De Lis, which are hand-painted to match the color accents on the slide. The semi-polished finish on the frame and slide flats, high polished barrel and selective 24k gold plating on the art and select parts complete these works of art.

A custom-made display case is optional and can be built to order in either a wall-hung version with an etched glass lid or a table display version with a hardwood top and glass dust cover to display all four pistols and a knife. No other guns in the Early Italian Renaissance Series will have this added value.

The “Gold Series” can be purchased here, starting at $13,870.00.

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