Reach Your Marksmanship Goals Through CMP’s Advanced Highpower Clinic


CAMP PERRY, Ohio – Those marksmen and women hoping to finetune their rifle skills even more extensively should look to the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Advanced Highpower Clinic, part of the 2024 National Matches in Port Clinton, Ohio.

“This clinic is meant to help individuals reach their next level or goal of marksmanship,” said Sara Rozanski, CMP’s highpower rifle coordinator. “The clinic can also help fix or give you a different perspective on a position or something you’ve been struggling with.”

The Advanced Clinic is led by certified CMP staff and accomplished marksmen and women.

The Advanced Highpower Clinic, scheduled for July 26-28, offers more in-depth instruction for service rifle using classroom, range discussion and live firing. The course is open to those who have attended the Advanced Small Arms Firing School at least once and have an “Expert” classification with the CMP or National Rifle Association.

Training is led by certified CMP personnel and accomplished civilian marksmen and women. Since this is a more personalized course, focusing on each individual’s specific needs, participants must bring their own rifles, ammo and equipment to training.

The Advanced Clinic includes both range and classroom training.

Learn more about the Advanced Highpower Clinic and other educational offerings at the National Matches on the CMP website at

About the National Matches:

The 2024 National Matches is set to be held July 11-Aug. 10. The annual event has been held at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Site since 1907, conducted by a partnership between the CMP and the Ohio National Guard. The month-long series showcases a variety of indoor and outdoor events for both adults and juniors and is comprised of the CMP National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Matches, National Games Matches, National Smallbore Matches, National Air Gun Championships and the National Mid-Range and Long Range Matches.

Along with several competitive opportunities, the National Matches includes a variety of educational clinics for marksmen and women at all experience levels as well as shopping selections from some of today’s leading industry vendors. Whether competing for the first time, a seasoned competitor or simply observing, the National Matches has something for everyone.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training and to the promotion of marksmanship competition for citizens of the United States. For more information about the CMP and its programs, log onto

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