A Fun and Functional .22 LR Pump-Action Rifle, Perfect for Hunting, Target Shooting, and More!

Dickinson Arms, a world-renowned leader in high-quality firearms, is bringing an all-new pump-action .22 LR rifle to the market that combines classic styling with a smooth action in an easy-carrying, fun- shooting, plinking machine that anyone will enjoy owning.

Everyone should own a .22 LR rifle, or two. Most of us do, but there is always room for more, especially if they are a great combination of fun and functionality. The ER-22 from Dickinson Arms is a 37-inch long, pump-action rimfire rifle with an 18.5-inch barrel. The stock is a combination of wood and synthetic and it matches well with the blued-steel finish. It’s also available in a sleek all-black finish. The rifle is fed by a 15-round capacity and the pump-action is smooth and easy to use.

This fun little rifle is perfect for plinking cans in the backyard, popping steel targets at the range, or chasing squirrels through the backwoods. It’s a perfect package for anyone from a beginning shooter, through an experienced woodsman. Learn more at Dickinson Arm’s website.

About Dickinson Arms
Dickinson Arms is a leader in stunning, hand-built, high-quality firearms. Whether it’s a pump shotgun, an inertia or gas-operated semi-automatic, a supremely balanced over & under, a side-by-side, or a carefully crafted 1911 pistol, you’ll feel the Dickinson difference the moment you pick one up. Wood and metal parts are perfectly shaped and hand-fitted together. Dickinson offers an extensive collection of shotguns and 1911s. At Dickinson Arms, we are building our reputation one firearm and one customer at a time. When you buy a Dickinson firearm, you become part of our family — and we pledge to support you with the finest products and the best U.S.-based customer support in the industry.  

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