New Bill Highlights Need for Additional Wildlife Funding


Republican Proposal Would Create New Tools for Habitat Restoration

The America’s Wildlife Habitat Conservation Act would facilitate habitat restoration efforts led by the states, Tribes, and private landowners. However, the proposal also would strip much-needed existing conservation and restoration funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Department of the Interior at a time when more resources are needed, not less. 

“We appreciate Chair Westerman and his colleagues’ engagement on this critical issue,” said Abby Tinsley, the National Wildlife Federation’s Vice President for Conservation Policy. “Wildlife across the United States are in crisis, with fully one-third of species at increased risk of extinction. Restoring and expanding their habitat is essential to many species’ recovery. That’s why states, Tribes, and federal agencies need robust, consistent funding and support for the full suite of tools necessary to stop at-risk species from sliding toward extinction, which is where this proposal falls short. We hope the introduction of this bill will spark bipartisan discussions about how additional funding for locally-led conservation can help wildlife and our outdoor heritage endure for future generations.”

“Arkansas has a real need for the types of habitat conservation work this bill aims to support and we are grateful for Rep. Bruce Westerman’s interest in this issue,” said Terri Lane, director of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation. “Arkansas Game and Fish’s wildlife action plan has identified 377 wildlife species at risk. Funding the implementation of the state’s comprehensive, science-based plan is one of our top congressional priorities and we look forward to continuing the conversation about the best ways to make that happen.”

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