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Your Essential Guide with RAILBLAZA

As you prepare for a season of aquatic adventures, it’s important to keep water safety at the top of your list. Whether you’re a seasoned mariner, a weekend warrior, spend weekends with the family wakeboarding and tubing, or a casual kayaker, it is crucial to secure your gear. This enhances safety while boosting functionality. RAILBLAZA designs products to secure just about anything you have on your boat. Here’s a rundown of stellar products produced by RAILBLAZA that will assist you on the path to a memorable boating season.

Light Up Your Adventures:


Visibility is your first line of defense on the water. RAILBLAZA’s range of navigational and visibility lights are not just accessories; they are lifelines. These robust, waterproof lights ensure you are seen, no matter the weather conditions. Mount a 360-degree light atop your vessel to signal your presence, turning your craft into a beacon when light fades at the edges of the day. The navigational bow lights (port/starboard lighting) offer an easy battery-operated solution for vessels to meet requirements to operate at night. Additionally, these lights can be used to mark locations and as emergency lighting during power outage events.

Organized Deck, Safer Deck:

There is almost nothing worse than tripping over gear, bags, tackle boxes and rods that can clutter your deck. A neat and tidy deck is key to avoiding tripping and shin banging accidents. The RAILBLAZA StowPod storage caddy is your deck’s best friend. It holds all your essentials within arm’s reach—be it tackle, tools, or snacks—freeing up space and reducing trip hazards.

Secure Mounting Solutions:

The RAILBLAZA CleatPort not only offers a tie-off point for your anchor or mooring line but also doubles as a base for additional accessories, including rod holders and fillet tables, and is also available as a TracLoader. 

While we’re talking about securing gear, the double and single tank holders keep your fuel or water containers in place. To meet legal requirements for fire extinguishers, these tank holders can be utilized to secure and quickly deploy them in the event of an emergency. They are completely adjustable, for large and small tanks, and utilize the Starport mounting solutions you’ve come to love from Railblaza.

Hold Your Gear, Hold Your Attention on Safety:

Keep your communication devices secure and know where they are at all times. The Mobi Device Holder, the ScreenGrabba and the G-Hold make securing devices and equipment a breeze. Whether navigating with a GPS, keeping up with the weather, or securing oars and fishing poles, these holders ensure that nothing goes overboard, letting you focus on your journey instead of holding your gear.

Keep Essentials Within Reach:

For smaller items that need to be quickly accessible, the RAILBLAZA Mesh Bag attaches to your boat with ease, providing a simple solution for storing everything from sunscreen to first aid kits. It’s built to last with its quick-dry material and sturdy construction. This handy mesh bag is also HI-VIZ orange and can be used for signaling.

Fly High with Safety Flags:

Flying a safety flag ensures visibility on busy waters. The RAILBLAZA Flag Pole range provides a flexible option for mounting flags on your boat, significantly enhancing your visibility to other water users. It’s a simple yet effective safety signal that also adds a touch of flair to your vessel!

A Time to Prepare and Prevail:

Water safety is an ongoing commitment to yourself, your crew, and your family. RAILBLAZA’s innovative, robust accessories are designed to keep you visible, organized, and secure. RAILBLAZA products protect your gear no matter what body of water you choose or the weather you encounter. Gear up, stay safe, and make the most of your water-bound adventures this season!


Established in 2010, RAILBLAZA manufactures a versatile line of products and mounting systems made to accommodate a diverse range of applications, whether on land or water. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, with an office in Houston, Texas, and representation in Europe, RAILBLAZA exports to over 50 countries.

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