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Meet the ultimate waterproof boot – the Muck Boot Fieldblazer. This high-quality, economic do-it-all high calf boot features the Mossy Oak® Country DNA™ pattern, hi-vis blaze orange linings, and a high-traction waffle sole, making it a top choice for many hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The overall boot height is 15.9 inches, and weighs 2.20 LBS. The tall boot construction is helpful when walking through shallow water or muddy bottomland environments. This boot is made to keep your feet warm and dry the next time you get out in the field.

Testing the Boots

This morning, the weather was cool and clear. We have had wet conditions for the past few weeks, so I knew I would encounter soggy crossings in the lowland sections. It is a perfect opportunity to test out these Muck Boots. 

From the top down, this Muckboot Fieldblazer is designed with the user in mind. No shortcuts were taken. Of course, it is 100% Waterproof. This comes from the 5mm CR Flex-Foam neoprene liner. It is comfortable and flexible, and the construction helps with shock absorption. So, jumping over fallen trees, sliding into creek bottoms, and climbing down from deer stands will not be so hard on my knees. After wearing the boots, they adjust to the contours of the foot. 

Design Features

The breathable mesh construction of the boot liner helps pull moisture away from the feet and allows air to travel through the boot. But this does not decrease the warmth and comfort this boot offers. The stretch-fit comfort topline fit snugs around my calf to keep heat in and cold & debris out. The estimated maximum calf diameter is 16.3 inches. My least favorite design of most rubber or tall boots is a loose top. It smacks the front and back of my leg like a flip-flop for my calf. This boot does not have this problem. These boots feature a reinforced pull tab on the top for easy on and off and an elevated heel pad for convenient removal after a long day.

On this trip, wearing blaze orange was not required since it was after deer season. However, the Muckboot Fieldblazer’s have a unique feature that allows the neck of the boot to be rolled down to reveal the blaze-orange lining for extra visibility. I will be using this next deer season. 

As we made our way into the woods, I noticed the only green in the dormant winter woods were sharp thorns. The Fieldblazer handled it with no problem with the extended rubber coverage for added protection around the ankle and lower calf.

Keeping up with Bleu

As Bleu, my first-season hunting dog, led me through the woods, he suddenly picked up the scent from a critter that crossed a muddy puddle. I stopped to examine the various tracks leading in different directions while listening to Bleu’s high-pitched bark. I can tell a lot about his behavior by observing his body language and listening to his bark, indicating when he picks up a scent trail. I watched as Bleu searched back and forth, covering a distance of 30 to 65 yards. Suddenly, he let out a series of loud barks, letting me know he had something. I quickly followed him and found him staring at a chipmunk perched on a short tree. I encouraged him with a small treat and directed him to the next opportunity.

As I was walking away, I noticed my feet were not sore. Usually, it takes a few trips to break in brand-new boots. Or I get blisters, and the rest of my hunt is miserable. The boots felt like supportive clouds under my feet. Making my way through the woods, across creek bottoms, and around fallen trees, the waffle sole design of the boots offered more than enough traction to keep up the activity at hand. 

Pros and Cons

These are good all-around boots. I bought these to have something comfortable, reliable, and durable. Whether chasing a dog through the woods, sitting in the deer stand, or checking trail cameras, I know I can depend on it. These boots are not designed as winter boots. They have a temperature comfort range advertised as “sub-freezing to 65 degrees.” When it is bitterly cold, these are not the desired boots. They also do not feature the arctic grip for better traction in ice and snow. They encourage consumers to purchase a size up if looking at half sizes. Finding the correct shoe size can be challenging since I wear 12.5-13 in men’s sizes. Luckily, Muck Boots offers sizes ranging from 7 to 15 for men, as well as sizes for women and children.

Closing Thoughts on the Muck Boot Mossy Oak® Country DNA™ Fieldblazer Tall Boot

These boots are everything I need and nothing I don’t. They are durable, comfortable, and made to last. I am in the season of my life where I want the right piece of gear for the job. If I have to invest in a product like Muck Boots, the purchase will be worth it. So, for anyone looking for a multi-use hunting boot, check out the Fieldblazer in Mossy Oak® Country DNA™ from Muck Boot; you will not be disappointed. After a long and tiring hunt, we finally wrapped it up by trudging through some muddy puddles and locating a few den trees occupied by squirrels. The thrill of the hunt and the excitement of discovering these places make for a truly unforgettable experience.

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