Hollow Alpaca Sock Review

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I love companies that are started by folks that are absolute grinders. Hollow Performance Alpaca Socks was co-founded by Brian Davis and Brian is without question a grinder. He has worked with some great companies like Fixitsticks.com and Hollowsocks.com. While we are tremendous fans of the FixItSticks, we are 100% here for the Hollow Socks story. Brian was grinding when he reached out to me on LinkedIn and offered to send me out a pair of socks to test. Alpaca socks are pretty darn hard to turn down and frankly, I never turn down a pair of socks so it was an easy deal to accept.

I had tried a pair of alpaca socks in the past and honestly they just didn’t hold up and kept slipping down on into my boots. When the Hollow Boot Socks arrived, I set them on my desk. The next morning, I put them on before heading out the door for a week at the SCI convention where I was on my feet for the majority of my week. Yes, I wore the same pair of socks for 5 days, you can’t test gear if you aren’t willing to make sacrifices. The good news is that I was not on a hunt and I could wash the socks in the sink at the airbnb and hang them on a hanger to dry overnight. These socks held up all week.

Hollow- Performance Alpaca Socks

Brian Davis and the team at Hollow spent several years in the development of these alpaca socks as well as the best places to source the fibers and blend these fibers in order to create the right material that could hold up to hiking, cycling, hunting, working or walking around a trade show for days on end. Apaca fiber naturally wicks moisture, keeps your feet dry and handles day to day use. Alpaca fiber retains only 10% of weight in water which allows these socks to dry so much faster than merino wool or other wool socks. Even after a few days of wear, these socks did not smell like boot socks usually do. The Hollow Boot Socks use 70% Premium Peruvian Baby Alpaca Fiber, 27% Nylon and 3% Spandex to achieve the right fit. These socks are thick, comfortable and able to handle what you are throw at them. Designed in Wisconsin and made in North Carolina. These socks are easy to wash in cold water even in a wash machine and you can hang dry them.

Hollow Comfort and Fit

They are soft and my feed did not itch all week while wearing these socks. I found them to be soft and comfortable and never really too hot which is usually one of my concerns when I am moving out or in a trade show environment. These socks are soft and super comfortable. These socks fit tight so if that is a concern, size up. Although I found that they do not slip down throughout the day which I really like and they are not too tight on my legs.


Having only really utilized these socks for about a month, I cannot speak to the long term durability of these socks but reading through some of the 2387 reviews leads me to believe that folks really love these socks and they are willing to buy more. The feel of these socks leads me to believe they are going to last and last.

Price and Value

The boot socks that I am wearing run $34.99 on the website. I would happily pay that for these socks but if you are not willing to pay that, they have these amazing things called sales. I logged on to the Hollowsocks.com site and saw the Spring Sale and if you buy multiple products you can get up to 30% off and some free shipping. These socks are not cheap but I like to think of things like this with a buy once cry once attitude. It’s an investment into my comfort while out hunting, hiking and living.

Should you buy them?

If you like to venture out and work all day in extreme environments, hunt, hike and move all day, these socks are the bomb. If you like to keep your feet warm and the protection of your feet is important to you, these are the ticket. I have two pairs now and I am going to be using them all turkey season and on some upcoming turkey adventures.

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