Hobie® Eyewear Supports National Sunglasses Day And BassmastHER Workshop


Today marks National Sunglasses Day—and yes, it is “a thing.” Presented annually on June 27 by the Vision Council, the day’s message is focused on raising the visibility of sunglasses, which can protect your eyes from the sun’s powerful UV rays while also providing fashion and sports benefits.

This year, the campaign is spotlighting sports sunglasses, inspiring outdoor lovers to gear up with shades before participating in their favorite activities. Hobie® Eyewear believes this message is right on point. To help promote the importance of wearing eye protection while fishing or participating in just about any outdoor activity, the company recently donated 65 pairs of Hobie® Eyewear floating sunglasses, plus additional Hobie® Eyewear swag, for all participants at a recent BassmastHER workshop, a program aiming to inspire fishing confidence, provide a support system, and serve as a conduit for creating lifetime friendships within the female angling community.

“In addition to supporting the message of National Sunglasses Day, we’re proud to support the educational efforts of BassmastHER workshops empowering women in the world of fishing,” says Dylan Coates, Hobie® Eyewear’s marketing manager. “By donating floating polarized sunglasses to all participants, we aim to highlight the importance of eye safety and protection. Polarized lenses enhance visibility, reduce glare on the water, and provide crucial protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Hobie® Eyewear is committed to equipping women with the knowledge and tools they need for a safe and successful fishing experience.”

Kristine Fischer, one of the nation’s top competitors on the kayak bass fishing circuit and a BassmastHER instructor, said she was thrilled when Hobie® Eyewear reached out to see how they could help the program. “Hobie® Eyewear was really excited to offer their support and get involved,” she said. “It’s important to me that my partners and sponsors support not only me but also efforts I’m most passionate about – that’s women’s fishing and opening up the sport for females to participate at every level. I’m proud to be a Hobie® Eyewear ambassador, knowing they give so much back to not only the kayak fishing community but to women’s fishing in general.”

As National Sunglasses Day highlights the importance of eye protection, Hobie® Eyewear proudly stands at the forefront of this essential campaign. By donating 65 pairs of polarized sunglasses to the BassmastHER workshop, Hobie® Eyewear emphasizes the critical need for UV protection and empowers women anglers to pursue their passion with confidence and safety. This collaboration highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to supporting the female angling community and promoting the benefits of high-quality eyewear. With a shared vision of fostering inclusivity and education in outdoor sports, Hobie® Eyewear and BassmastHER continue to inspire and equip women to embrace the great outdoors, one pair of sunglasses at a time.

As the exclusive licensee for Hobie® Eyewear, Eyeking LLC stands as a multi-generational, award-winning design firm dedicated to crafting and delivering distinctive eyewear globally. Specializing in private label and licensed eyewear, Eyeking LLC fosters the evolution of Hobie® Eyewear, a brand inspired by the legendary waterman Hobie Alter. This sunglasses collection is tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, water sports athletes, and those passionate about adventure. Since 1982, our extensive line of performance polarized sunglasses has consistently upheld a legacy of cutting-edge vision technology and design focused on enhancing performance. Committed to excellence and driven by a shared love for enriching outdoor experiences, Eyeking LLC and Hobie® Eyewear jointly shape the future of performance eyewear. Explore the collection at www.eyeking.com or www.hobieeyewear.com for more information.

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