GLOCK Inc. Records Thousands of New Safety Pledges National Firearm Safety Month Concludes


The conclusion of month of June is a milestone as GLOCK recognizes National Firearm Safety Month through their national Follow the Four campaign.

The 2024 GLOCK June Safety initiative kicked off across the United States through digital activations on GLOCK social media, website, and email platforms, reaching millions. Industry organizations and firearms dealers everywhere joined in using GLOCK resources to promote safe firearm practices during National Firearm Safety Month.

The industry-wide call to “Take the Pledge” was heard loud and clear. As June Safety Month concludes, GLOCK Inc. has received over 1,500 new safety pledges at Thousands of individuals have taken the pledge year after year to commit to firearm safety through the Follow The Four initiative.

GLOCK’s commitment to safe firearm practices goes even further than the Follow the Four campaign, from local community support to company-wide initiatives. GLOCK’s own local community in Cobb County, Georgia houses the “GLOCK House” at the Cobb Safety Village where families are educated on safe firearm practices year-round. On a national level, GLOCK provides educational safety resources to Law Enforcement agencies everywhere and provides gun locks at no cost to agencies for community distribution. GLOCK’s company-wide commitment to safety can be seen by each and every law-abiding citizen who purchases a GLOCK, when they open the box and see the gun lock provided with each packaged firearm to ensure safe firearm storage. GLOCK Training puts firearm safety education into practice as their firearms instructors across the United States teach safe handling practices in their training courses.

GLOCK continues to show a strong commitment to firearm safety through these evergreen initiatives and more. Visit to learn more about the rules of firearm safety and take the pledge.

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