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St. Croix Rod unveils all-new GXR Bass Systems featuring SEVIIN reels at ICAST 2024

When two or more people or things work together to accomplish a task or solve a problem, they produce a combined effect that’s greater than that of its individual parts or efforts. It’s called synergy, and it plays a significant role in fishing.

In addition to the angler, any basic fishing presentation consists of at least four elements: rod, reel, line, and lure. If each work well together, they help the angler. If they don’t, they create unnecessary problems and challenges that hold the angler back.

St. Croix Rod exists to give every angler the upper hand on the water with over 800 fishing rod models, engineered and handcrafted to deliver excellence in any fishing technique or presentation. One year ago, the 76-year-old privately-owned American company introduced SEVIIN Reels, a new brand established with the goal of creating the most dependable reels available, so anglers can enjoy fishing more and worry less.

Today, St. Croix Rod and SEVIIN Reels announce St. Croix GXR Bass Systems – a carefully curated collection of eight high-performance St. Croix rods, precision-matched and balanced with smooth and dependable complimentary SEVIIN GXR casting and spinning reels. Put simply, all-new GXR Bass Systems are the right tools for the job – a collection of technique-optimized rod-and-reel combinations designed and crafted to give bass anglers of all levels a series of synergized tools that move them forward towards new wins on the water, including more and bigger bass, and more exceptional fishing moments and memories.

GXR begins with a proven St. Croix performance platform – crisp, strong, and responsive SCII carbon-fiber blanks mated to lightweight and durable hybrid stainless-steel guide trains that promote exceptional balance and reliable performance with all line types. Handles are an angler-preferred traditional split-grip design with premium cork grips, blank-through nylon reel seats, and black stainless-steel and nylon hoods. “GXR casting and spinning rod share DNA with several of our most popular bass series, including Bass X and our retired (previous generation) Mojo Bass rods,” says St. Croix Brand Manager, Ryan Teach. “These are proven, technique-optimized rod platforms that fish light with surprising power and exceptional balance,” continues Teach, adding that three lengths, powers, and actions are available in each of GXR’s spinning and casting lineups.

“The 7’1” medium-heavy power, fast action ALL AROUND model is available in both GXR casting and spinning and is a rod that can do about anything well, from skipping docks to swimbaits to jigs, flukes, and topwaters,” Teach says. “On the casting side, the 7’2” heavy, moderate model is a softer, more parabolic design optimized for crankbaits, chatterbaits, and other reaction baits, while the 7’4” heavy, fast is the GXR model anglers will want to have in their hands when pitching, flipping, frogging, or fishing other lures in and around heavy cover.”

Teach says two additional spinning models round out GXR’s technique-optimized lineup. “The 6’10” medium-light, extra-fast is our most popular blank for finesse applications, and this is the GXR model to have for drop-shotting, as well as light Ned rigs, creature baits, and hair. We added a 7’1” medium power, fast action spinning model that excels in presenting stickbaits, shaking minnows, Ned rigs, and more.”

Finally, Teach says GXR’s appeal is further widened by the availability of a pair of two-piece models. “Because not every bass rod lives on the deck of a bass boat full time, two-piece bass rods are trending,” Teach says. “GXR gives bass anglers two-piece convenience for travel and storage and one-piece performance in the unique GXRC71MHF2-C and GXRS71MF2-C models.”

The launch of GXR Bass Systems marks the first time that St. Croix Rods and SEVIIN Reels have shared manufacturing and design synergies and been made available to dealers and anglers in combination.

“We designed GXR casting and spinning reels to balance and enhance the performance of these technique-optimized GXR rods,” says SEVIIN Reels Product Manager, Robert Woods. “The goal was to create a new series of bass-fishing systems for anglers of all levels that are ready to fish with heightened St. Croix performance and SEVIIN castability and reliability. We worked together to create a series of hard-core bass rod-and-reel combinations with wide appeal and performance that exceeds their retail price, fully backed by St. Croix and SEVIIN warranties and customer service.”

SEVIIN GXR casting reels are crafted on a compact, 100-size lightweight graphite frame. Castability and operation are enhanced by anodized aluminum spools, magnetic cast control, and 6+1 stainless-steel bearings that support key moving parts. Strong and smooth drag comes from a carbon fiber and stainless-steel drag stack, while a versatile 7.3:1 retrieve ratio provides optimal performance in a wide variety of bass presentations.

Lightweight and strong SEVIIN GXR spinning reels feature 3000-size carbon fiber bodies and rotors with anodized and ported aluminum spools. 8+1 stainless steel bearings yield silky-smooth operation, while a carbon fiber and stainless-steel drag stack ensures smooth and reliable drag performance in all conditions at all settings.

St. Croix GXR Bass Systems Features

  • Precision-matched high-performance rod and reel systems (4 casting and 4 spinning), optimized for popular, technique-specific bass presentations
  • Premium SCII carbon fiber blanks with FRS (Fortified Resin System) for increased flexural strength with reduced weight
  • Lightweight, black stainless-steel guides with aluminum-oxide rings for reliable performance with all line types
  • Traditional split-grip premium-grade cork handles with premium EVA accents
  • Nylon reel seat with black stainless-steel hood and nylon and stainless-steel locking nut
  • 5-year rod warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • 100-size SEVIIN GXR casting reels feature 6+1 bearings, durable and lightweight graphite frames, aluminum spools and accents, high-performance carbon fiber + stainless-steel drag stacks, soft-touch rubber paddles, and versatile 7.3:1 gearing.
  • 3000-size SEVIIN GXR spinning  reels feature 8+1 bearings, lightweight and rigid carbon fiber bodies and rotors, ported aluminum spools, high-performance carbon fiber + stainless-steel drag stacks, premium EVA paddle, and versatile 5.1:1 gearing.
  • 1-year reel warranty backed by SEVIIN
  • Designed in Park Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
  • Retail price $200 to $225

St. Croix GXR Bass Systems Models

  • GXRC71MHF-C / ALL AROUND – 7’1”, medium-heavy power, fast action, casting / Retail $210
  • GXRC71MHF2-C / ALL AROUND 2 – 7’1”, medium-heavy power, fast action, 2-piece casting / Retail $225
  • GXRC72HM-C / REACTION BAIT – 7’2”, heavy power, moderate action, casting / Retail $210
  • GXRC74HF-C / FROG & FLIP – 7’4”, heavy power, fast action, casting / Retail $210
  • GXRS610MLXF-C / FINESSE – 6’10”, medium-light power, extra-fast action, spinning / Retail $200
  • GXRS71MF-C / STICKBAIT – 7’1”, medium power, fast action, spinning / Retail $200
  • GXRS71MF2-C / STICKBAIT 2 – 7’1”, medium power, fast action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $220
  • GXRS71MHF-C / ALL AROUND – 7’1”, medium-heavy power, fast action, spinning / Retail $200

GXR Bass Systems are engineered and crafted for all bass anglers, delivering elevated fishing in today’s most popular bass presentations with worry-free St. Croix and SEVIIN performance… right off the rack. All-new GXR Bass Systems will be available for purchase at St. Croix dealers worldwide and online at after August 1, 2024.

See them in the Rod-and-Reel Combo category of the ICAST 2024 New Product Showcase and in the St. Croix booth (#2223) at ICAST 2024.


About St. Croix Rod
Headquartered in Park Falls, Wisconsin, St. Croix has been proudly crafting the “Best Rods on Earth” for over75 years. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with skilled craftsmanship, St. Croix is the only major producer to still build rods entirely from design through manufacturing. The company remains family-owned and operates duplicate manufacturing facilities in Park Falls and Fresnillo, Mexico. With popular trademarked series such as Legend®, Legend Xtreme®, Avid®, Premier®, Imperial®, Triumph® and Mojo, St. Croix is revered by all types of anglers from around the world.

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