Armasight Introduces the Collector 320 and 640 Thermal Weapon Sights

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Elevating Precision and Versatility in Nighttime Operations

Armasight, a pioneer in Thermal and Night Vision technology, proudly unveils the Collector 320 and 640 Compact Thermal weapon sights, addressing the need for compact yet high-performance thermal imaging solutions.

The Collector series offers a breakthrough in thermal imaging technology, boasting a lightning-fast 60Hz refresh rate powered by Armasight’s Iron Wolf thermal image processing technology. This ensures users experience seamless imaging in dynamic scenarios, solving the problem of lagging visuals during critical moments.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Collector 320 and 640 are remarkably lightweight at only 16.3 ounces, making them ideal companions for small caliber rifles, air guns, and crossbows. Their compact design solves the problem of bulky and cumbersome weapon sights, offering unparalleled maneuverability in the field.

Armasight addresses the need for ease of use and functionality with the Collector series, featuring intuitive 3-button controls and multiple color palettes. With 8 reticle options and video/image capture capabilities, users can tailor their viewing experience to their preferences, solving the problem of limited customization in thermal imaging devices.

Featured in Tactical Retailer, the Collector thermal scope proves invaluable for predator management and pest control, among other applications. With its ULTEM Composite Body and ergonomic design, the Collector series ensures durability and comfort during prolonged use, solving the problem of fatigue associated with heavy equipment.

The Armasight Collector 320 and Collector 640 are now available for purchase at and select dealers, offering enhanced precision and versatility for nighttime operations.


Armasight Collector 320 – $2,499
Armasight Collector 640 – $3,799

About Armasight: 

Armasight continues to lead the industry in innovative Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, and Electro-Optics solutions, empowering users with cutting-edge technology since 2011. For more information, visit 

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