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How long have you been hunting?

I have been hunting for well over 30 years, born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada. Hunting is a way of life, it always has been, growing up immersed in the outdoors I actually was ignorant to the rest of the world and the hunts it includes from the Savannahs of Africa to the badlands of Alberta and I feel blessed to have been able to travel and experience these exotic hunts.

What got you interested in hunting in the first place?

My father is the one that got me interested in hunting. He taught me that what we hunt and harvest is what we eat. I always found it very peaceful to be out in the outdoors with him and rewarding to bring home meat to my family. That connection to nature and the tradition of providing for my loved ones really sparked my interest in hunting. My father was a man that loved the outdoors and shared as much as he could with his family. My mom was the angler in the family and my dad the hunter, although mom loved to eat the meat we brought home and liked to target practice she was not one to harvest animals.

What is your favorite type of game to hunt?

 My favorite game to hunt changes as I grow and have new experiences, but thus far, I still find the Northern Ontario Moose hunt to be a favorite. It allows me to reflect on my family and upbringing, and hunt in the same way my grandfather did. It’s a special connection to my roots and a tradition that holds a lot of meaning for me.

What challenges do you face when hunting?

There are various challenges that come with hunting for myself including physical, and mental. As I get older, weather tends to play into my hunts with extreme conditions and cold gets to my bones so I find that wearing the proper equipment for me and my needs gets me through my days. I have a condition called Graves Disease which I argue with every day, but it still wins and one of the intolerances are to cold. Sometimes the terrain gives me a challenge since I broke my talus bone in my foot in 2021 but I overcome it by keep on trekking making sure the footwear I have is going to support my needs.

How do you prepare for a hunting trip?

I prepare for a hunting trip by researching where I am going if I have not been there before, the temperature, terrain and wildlife so I can understand the game I am targeting. I make a checklist of my gear that is needed and make sure it is in good working condition. My physical fitness is always in check and I believe that being physically active is an everyday occurrence and to always be ready. I practice my marksmanship skills so that I am confident with my firearm or bow. I obtain all necessary documents and permits required for that specific hunt.

Can you share an interesting story from one of your hunting experiences?

My most interesting stories are those of who I get to take out hunting for the first time, introducing them to the basics and seeing the thrill on their face when they are successful in a harvest, being so proud to fill their freezer.

What ethical considerations do you keep in mind while hunting?

The ethical considerations I keep in mind while hunting are respect for the wildlife, compliance with the laws and regulations, fair chase, conservation, humane treatment, responsible behavior, utilization of harvested animals using the hides for warmth and clothing items and all pieces of the animals for cooking and eating.

How do you stay safe while out in the field?

Staying safe in the field depends on many different things, the one rule I have is that if I am hunting with you I need to know if you have medical conditions, allergies, how your equipment (boat, atv, etc) works in case of emergencies as often I find myself in remote environments. When taking others out we are always paying attention and treating firearms as if they are loaded, keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, always keep the safety engaged until ready to fire. Knowing my target and what is beyond it, wearing proper gear like blaze orange to increase visibility to other hunters. I always tell someone the plans before heading out. I am always very alert of my surroundings and the changes while on a distance walk and mark certain landmarks by taking notes.

My firearms more specifically my 30.06, is a common choice for many hunters for hunting various game species. It’s important to me because it belonged to my grandfather and is a staple in this family. My son took his first big game at 12 years old with the same rifle. My bow is my swiss army knives of bows and it is the bow that makes me feel the most confident in my archery hunting. My hunting vehicles are a Chevrolet Trailboss decked out with GoRhino bumpers, 4×4 and all the things necessary for going off-roading and also my Kawasaki Brute Force gets me in and out of those spots the truck can’t go. Also, I have my Triumph Street Scrambler which I have been known to take down some wild trails. Quality binos are a must, as well as a good durable hunting knife with a micarta handle.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting hunting?

My advice would be to start by taking a hunter safety course to learn the basics of hunting laws and safety practices. Find a mentor to learn from, practice shooting regularly, and always respect the animals and the environment. Enjoy the time spent in nature and appreciate the food that hunting provides.

Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Producer THAT Hunting Girl™ – Sportsman Channel Canada

Mentor at Take Me Outreach Programs 

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