A Regular Meetup Proudly Welcomes NAAGA as an Official Sponsor of ARM IV

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Bartlett, IL- A Regular Meetup and Regular GunTuber Awards, one of the 2A community’s most unique and exciting events, is thrilled to announce the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) is now an official sponsor of this year’s event, ARM IV. Scheduled for June 21st – 22nd, this year’s meetup is taking place on a private range in southern Ohio. NAAGA’s mission to provide education, training, and networking resources for African American gun owners makes sponsorship of A Regular Meetup a natural choice for the gun rights organization. ARM IV will include a Women’s Conference, meet and greet socials, two range days, a GunTuber awards ceremony, and a sneaker ball, and keynote speaker Kevin Dixie.

Carl Williams, a.k.a. A Regular Gun Guy is honored to have NAAGA become an official sponsor of ARM IV. “I’m super excited to have NAAGA back on board for a third consecutive year. Mr. Smith is an awesome guy and NAAGA is a huge, well-respected organization. NAAGA was the very first organization to sign on for 2024”

NAAGA’s Founder and President, Philip Smith has been to previous events and is excited about this year’s A Regular Meetup. “Partnering with the Regular Gun Guy and their Meetup, ARM IV is an exciting event that we love to support. It is a time when we can all make good memories with friends, shoot some cool guns, and gain some bragging rights for the day, but most of all just appreciate the fellowship and conversations with each other as men and women. That is priceless.” Philip Smith continues “NAAGA considers Carl and all the Regular Gun Guy listeners “family”. This is our second active participation in the event, and we are very proud to be associated with the Regular Gun Guy brand and organization this year and in the future.”

Founded by Carl Williams, a.k.a. A Regular Gun Guy, the A Regular Meetup event was created to provide a fun, family reunion type atmosphere for like-minded gun enthusiasts. This event is unique in that it caters to the supporters of 2A content creators, giving them a chance to shoot with, mingle with, and learn from their favorite 2A influencers and media. This event sells out every year.

Last year’s A Regular Meetup and Regular GunTuber awards drew support and sponsorship from some of the industry’s leading brands including Optics Planet, SK Guns, Phoenix Trinity, OWR Armament, Shaw Armament, Check-Mate, Stealth Arms, NAAGA (National African American Gun Association), Mantis,  Savior Equipment, Odin Armory, Guns and Boxing, GF Triggers, Cute and Cocky, The Gun Food, LOK Grips, Holosun, Ballistol, and Gun Camp.

The event also drew the attention of local news media. The story can be found here: HERE

This event started as an informal plan for a meetup where 2A advocates and like-minded gun enthusiasts and content creators could get together to have fun and support each other. Through the hard work and dedication of Carl Williams, Billy Miles (a.k.a. @MyFlyFamily), and Zach Price (a.k.a. @FatGuyWithGuns) It has rapidly grown to be a hugely successful event for both content creators and the supporters, who are the ones that make all this possible for everyone involved.
Scheduling Information:

  • DATE: June 21st | 22nd 2024
  • GUN RANGE: Private Gun Range (Waynesville, OH)
  • HOSTING HOTEL: Hilton Garden Inn (Dayton South)-Austin Landing

If you are interested in learning more about this year’s A Regular Meetup and Regular GunTuber Awards, or are interested in covering the event next year, please contact:

Carl RGG Williams
Billy Miles, a.k.a. Myflyfamily
Zach Price a.k.a. FatGuywithGuns
[email protected]


To see posts and pictures from last year’s event, please visit the Instagram account HERE.

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