Radian GUARDIAN + SIX Provides Added Protection for Your Optic

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Depending on the model, a red dot optic can be a substantial expense. Although most are rugged and built to withstand a certain amount of hard use, it doesn’t hurt to add an extra level of protection. For this reason, Radian Weapons offers its GUARDIAN + SIX mounting plate with a protective face and backup iron sight.

Radian GUARDIAN + SIX Mounting Plate

Constructed of 7075 aluminum, the GUARDIAN features a Type III hard anodized finish for long-lasting dependability. Utilizing Radian’s TRU-SEAL technology, the GUARDIAN system employs innovative o-rings, providing a watertight seal between the plate and the slide. As a result, the mounting plate shields against moisture, preventing thread corrosion or the need for an additional sealing plate.

In addition, the GUARDIAN system features the STUD-LOK interface for double the thread engagement of standard mounting plates. Utilizing oversized Torx sleeve nuts with self-locking threads, the plate delivers a secure attachment for a rigid mounting interface. Specifically, the torque-down mechanism pulls the optic rearward against the recoil bosses (secondary recoil posts) and solidly against the plate.

The GUARDIAN system also includes an integrated front guard to add another level of protection for your optic. Featuring a frame-style face, the guard provides a protective cocking surface without obstructing the view of the optic. Likewise, grooves on the face provide additional traction against any surface for solid engagement.

(Photo by Radian Weapons)

Finally, the system features an integrated rear backup sight (BUS) that sits within the guard frame in front of the optic. This “Irons Forward” design cohesively aligns with the red dot sight, providing an unobstructed sight picture through the optic. As a result, comes seamless transitions between sighting systems when necessary.

The GUARDIAN + SIX is currently available for Glock MOS in RMR and EPS and Walther PDP 2.0 in RMR and EPS.


The Radian GUARDIAN + SIX is available now with an MSRP of $209.95. For more info, please visit RadianWeapons.com.

“The Radian GUARDIAN + SIX is a testament to our dedication to delivering unparalleled firearm components and accessories,” said Joshua Underwood, Founder & CEO at Radian Weapons.

“We identified the shortcomings of existing pistol optic mounting systems and engineered a solution that not only resolves those issues, but also elevates the overall shooting experience. The GUARDIAN provides unmatched protection, enhancing functional performance and reliability, truly embodying the spirit of Radian’s commitment to innovation.”

Radian GUARDIAN + SIX Mounting Plate.
(Photo by Radian Weapons)

Radian GUARDIAN + SIX Features

  • 7075 Aluminum Type Ill Hard Anodized Guard/Plate
  • Custom Machined SS Fasteners with Oversized Torx Sockets
  • MSRP: $209.95


  • Plate Mounting Screws (2)
  • TRU-SEAL™ 0-Rings (2)
  • STUD-LOK™ Studs (2)
  • STUD-LOK™ Self-Locking Sleeve Nuts (2)

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