Liberty Safe Provides Access Code of Customer’s Safe to the FBI

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To say that Liberty Safe stuck its foot in it would be an understatement. When the company gave the FBI the access code to a customer’s safe, the online retribution was swift. In fact, many are now comparing Liberty Safe to Bud Light. In that, the company is about to experience a boycott that could lead to its end.

Liberty Safe in the Hot Seat

Clearly, the brain trust at Liberty Safe has not been paying attention to the awakening taking place around them. And by awakening, I don’t mean woke. Quite the opposite, in fact. Cases in point: Bud Light and Target.

The American people are tired of companies that not only don’t align with our values but seem to have complete disdain for us. So, we have taken a play out of the left’s book and stopped giving them our money. If they don’t like us, they don’t need our hard-earned cash.

However, in the case of Liberty Safe, the situation is far more egregious. The company broke the trust of its customers. This isn’t just a case of poor marketing decisions. It is a violation of privacy and customers’ rights.

Recently, the FBI raided the home of Nathan Hughes due to his participation in the January 6th protest. During the raid, they arrested Hughs at gunpoint, turned off his internet, covered his cameras, and tossed his house. When they encountered his Liberty gun safe, they called the company for an access code. To which the company complied.

As you can imagine, when the news became public, it did not go over well within the firearm community. So, the company was forced to issue a statement that didn’t seem to make things any better:

To be clear, the FBI had a warrant that was not binding to Liberty Safe in any way. If the FBI had presented a subpoena, that would be a different story. This was just blind compliance, and the warrant is a bad excuse for piss poor decision-making.

Not to mention, many Liberty Safe owners are just now finding out that the company has a back door. And it seems Liberty has no problem sharing that with the FBI.

Swift Retribution

As you might have guessed, the company’s statement did not go over well. I encourage you to go to the original post and read the replies and memes. It is going about as well as you might expect.

The popular Catturd summed up the coming reckoning eloquently, “Bankruptcy coming – enjoy.”

Likewise, conservative journalist Cernovich pointed out the company’s blind spot, “Oh man. You don’t know your customers at all, do you?”

Similarly, conservative commentators, the Hodgetwins acknowledged the irony of it all, “And you call yourself ‘Liberty’?? Bout to get the Bud Light treatment.”

Many are canceling orders or outright getting rid of their safes now that they know they are compromised.

Popular conservative journalist TheQuartering tells the company, “I just ordered a $7000 liberty safe on Saturday. A Lincoln 50 with all the fixings.  I am making a call tomorrow to cancel.”

Popular X influencer 9mmSMG notified the company, “Thanks, I have three large Liberty Safes in the market [for] a 4th. Now I know to replace them immediately because you guys suck.
A former customer”

Others pointed out the concerns that the company has a back door into their private safes.

AlphaFox pointed out, “You have failed. There should be no back door to a safe. Welcome to bud light.”

X user Mrs. Sensurround questions the company’s policy about a back door, “Please tell me what federal and state law requires you to have backdoor codes to your products?”

But the memes…absolutely brutal:

Well, this is awkward…

Backdoor access is everywhere.
Liberty Safe hitting the curb.

Is it even meme worthy if Fenix Ammunition doesn’t get in on it?

Fenix Ammunition has words.
(Photo by Fenix Ammunition X)

Even the AK Guy, Brandon Herrera, himself got in on the mayhem.

Liberty Safe loves the FBI.
(Photo by Brandon Herrera X)

The ensuing throttling caused Liberty to lock comments on its post, which only made things worse.

Locked replies.

However, the company has since reopened comments, and the public ridicule picked up where it left off.

Damage Control

So, as you would expect, Liberty issued another statement. However, it went just about as well as the first statement. Not to mention, it raised even more questions.

In the statement, Liberty claims that it keeps the access codes to help customers access their safe if they lose the code.

However, X user Walleyes, Whitetails & Whiskeys are all around us calls this statement into question, “So let me get this straight, when my safe was locked up, Liberty’s customer service told me to hire a locksmith, but they had the code and could have given it to the owner and didn’t?”

So much for maintaining back door access for the customer.

Liberty goes on to state that it will be giving customers the option to fill out a form and have their access codes expunged. So, the company that had secret back door access to its safes promises that it will let you delete that access now. Pinky swear.

Liberty finishes with, “We have also revised our policies around cooperation with law enforcement. Going forward we will require a subpoena that legally compels Liberty Safe to supply access codes but can only do so if these codes still exist in our system.”

It kind of makes you wonder how many other times Liberty unnecessarily complied with law enforcement, doesn’t it?

I have to admit, of all of the companies committing corporate suicide, this one kind of surprised me. The firearm industry is already facing a hard enough battle against the gun control mob. For it to come from the inside is disconcerting.

So much for “Liberty” and so much for “safe.”

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