Daniel Defense Daniel H9: Blending 1911, Striker-Fired Systems

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Once upon a time, there was a new and interesting pistol platform out there that broke new ground. The Hudson H9 blended aspects of the 1911 with a striker-fired systems, attempting to deliver the very best of both platforms. And though it started off promising, it ultimately floundered. Now that concept finds new life with the debut of the Daniel Defense Daniel H9.

Daniel Defense Daniel H9

“After years of research, detailed design work, and testing, we couldn’t be more excited to launch the DANIEL H9.” Said Marty Daniel, Founder of Daniel Defense.

The Daniel H9 brings the “thinnest profile and lowest bore axis in its class,” according to Daniel Defense. The system aims to deliver a shooting platform for flatter shooting and greater shooter control.

The H9 shares the ergonomics, pointability, and straight-pull trigger of the classic 1911 design. It blends that with many features from modern striker-fired systems. Those include ambidextrous controls, an accessory rail, and optics compatibility. An aircraft-grade aluminum grip and cold hammer forged barrel highlight the package.

“It wasn’t enough to just be another handgun in an already crowded market. It had to be better than anything out there; it had to redefine how people thought about handguns,” said Rod Reasen, the CEO of Daniel Defense.

For more info, visit danieldefense.com.

Editor’s Take:

We gotta admit, we’re pretty stoked to see this system reborn. The Hudson brought tremendous innovation and potential to the modern handgun realm. With Daniel Defense behind it now, the Daniel H9 might finally realize what a lot of shooters thought the H9 had the potential to be. Back in the day, the Hudson brought an incredibly low bore axis, and the gun just felt right in the hand. For those that shot it, many found they could really get on the trigger fast. We’re excited to see what DD can do here, and we hope to get one for review on the range soon.

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