STUDY: Half Of Those Vaccinated For COVID Will Make Spike Proteins FOREVER

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A new study has confirmed that half of the people who have been “vaccinated” for COVID-19 will make spike proteins in their bodies forever. Researchers out of Italy and the United Kingdom found that, contrary to government claims, the spike proteins from shots persist in recipients’ arms for at least six months post-injection.

Assuming a person got the mRNA variety, the official narrative from the rulers has been that the spike proteins are harmless and only remain for a few days in the arm. Now we know that this was just another lie to convince the slaves to take the shots.

The clever scientific study by Brogna et al., just published, detected the presence of spike protein in COVID-vaccinated people six months after vaccination. It also excluded the possibility of cross-contamination of experimental data with wild-circulating COVID-19 infections.

The study’s authors used a sensitive test, called mass-spectrometry to detect a specific amino-acid sequence that exists only in the vaccine-induced spike protein, according to Igor Chudov at Igor’s Newsletter. 

The mRNA COVID vaccines contain genetic code to produce the so-called “spike protein,” a component of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that allows the virus to penetrate and infect human cells. During the penetration process, called “fusion,” the viral spike protein changes shape, becoming a spear of sorts, penetrating the cell surface.

The study group, from southern Italy, was 40 subjects, 20 were vaccinated with the full cycle of mRNA vaccine as of April 2022, being part of the health sector, and 20 were unvaccinated with negativity for COVID-19 to nasopharyngeal test and with no titer of any antibodies. Other 20 unvaccinated persons were added that were positive for COVID-19.

After observing the three groups, it was found that only the people in the vaccinated subgroup were carrying the vaccine-derived spike protein. What is worse, vaccine spike protein was found as late as six months after the last dose. 

As to why spike proteins continue to be produced indefinitely in the fully vaccinated, the researchers presented three speculative theories:

1) That mRNA from the shots may get integrated or re-transcribed in some cells

2) That pseudo-uridines at a particular sequence position induce the formation of a spike protein that is always constitutively active

3) That the mRNA-containing nanoparticle is picked up by bacteria normally present at the basal level in blood –Natural News

The researchers believe that Option 2 is highly unlikely, and based on everything we know about the shots and outcomes, that Option 1 is highly likely to play the biggest role.

Option 1, by the way, is also known as reverse transcription. It means that vaccine mRNA makes itself a part of the human DNA genome, effectively turning a person into a genetically modified organism (GMO).

The HIV virus, by the way, which is believed to cause AIDS, also reverse transcribes and integrates itself into human DNA. Once this occurs, a person’s body endlessly produces copies of HIV, hence why there is no cure for HIV, only suppression with drugs.

“Similarly, human cells with COVID vaccine genetic code reverse-transcribed into them may also endlessly produce the spike protein for the affected individuals’ lives,” Chudov says. –Natural News

This explains why people are getting VAIDS and have little to no immunity against not just COVID, but anything else viral that could be circulating.

Uncovering The Truth: Examining The Fatal Link Between COVID Vaccines And A New Form of AIDS

The true fallout of these injections will take years to realize. We are only just scratching the surface as more variants arise and along with them, more “vaccines.”

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