Prepare for War: This is NOT a Drill

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On January 24th, NATO began a drill called Steadfast Defender 2024.

One week later, I have hardly seen media coverage about it, so I want to make sure that you aren’t left out and know exactly what’s happening.

Comprised of 90,000 soldiers, 50 ships, 1,100 combat vehicles, and aimed to practice defense against near-peer adversaries (like Russia), it is the largest NATO exercise since 1988 when the final blows were dealt to the USSR in the era of the Cold War.

This is a significant stride!

It means that the West is signaling to Russia that the United States is not just funding Ukraine, but that Russia should be ready to consider the ramifications of what it’s doing. The West wants Russia to know that invading a NATO member will bring destruction of epic proportions upon it.

Russia is well aware of the risks. With China’s real estate giant, Evergrande Group, in liquidation, the Red Dragon is extremely uninterested in entangling itself in favor of Russia when its domestic economy is in shambles.

China is investing in its recovery, and it is not looking to expose itself to turmoil when already facing problems.

Preparing for war is precisely what you must do knowing that, as it stands, the odds of war are diminishing.

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