Ohio Sees A Surge In Childhood Pneumonia Cases, As China Outbreak Rages On

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Ohio is the first state in the United States to see a surge in childhood pneumonia cases, as the outbreak, that started in China, continues to rage on.  The Warren County Health District has reported 142 cases of the mysterious illness among children since August, according to a press release.

Officials agree with the Chinese ruling class, and do not think it is a new respiratory disease, but “rather a large uptick in the number of pneumonia cases normally seen at one time.” The illness has spread across multiple school districts and the average age of those fallen ill is 8 years, the local health district said.

There have so far been “no conclusive patterns among the children diagnosed,” but many have symptoms of a cough, fever, and fatigue.

Children are also testing positive for mycoplasma pneumonia, strep, and adenovirus, which includes the common cold, according to the health district.

The Warren County Health District is investigating any “possible linkages and risk factors.” -New York Post

The Warren County Health District is investigating any “possible linkages and risk factors.” Currently, it suggests the slave class wash their hands, cover their coughs, and stay home when ill, as well as stay up to date on vaccines as a precaution this winter. It’s always about the shots even though they admit they won’t stop transmission or infection.

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“The information was shared so that individuals would be aware of illness in the community and take necessary steps to protect their health… It is not uncommon for respiratory illnesses to spread in the community during this time of year,” the district further stated.

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The ruling classes are currently blaming multiple pathogens and are sticking to the official narrative that this is not being caused by anything new, which is a new approach after inventing COVID.

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if this is used as an excuse to panic the slaves into compliance once again.

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