Why We Carry: Man Beheads His Own Father, Uploads Video Displaying Head On YouTube


Justin Mohn, a 33-year-old from Pennsylvania, has been charged with the gruesome murder of his father, Michael Mohn, aged 68. In a shocking act, he reportedly decapitated his father and posted a video of the act online. Mohn was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse.

Mohn’s disturbing past includes self-published books and songs with sinister themes. He has written about Satan, stalkers, and corrupt politicians, and even fantasized about killing his own family in a work titled “America’s Coming Bloody Revolution.” This pamphlet alarmingly talked about a violent revolution and the need to kill those born before 1991, labeling them as traitors.

A 2014 graduate of Penn State in business management, Mohn released music albums featuring titles such as “They Came For Justin Mohn” and “Justin’s Stalkers.” Despite these ominous works, his Amazon bio portrayed him as someone seeking to bring positive change, highlighting his complex life and art.

Mohn’s final video, a 14-minute rant, showed him holding his father’s severed head, blaming him for his death and calling for violence against federal officials. In this video, he expressed extreme views against various groups and the government, urging militias to unite for violent action.

Mohn was arrested and charged, appearing to smirk in his mugshot. He was arraigned without bail and awaits a hearing.

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