The Benefits of Shooting Suppressed Pistols

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The allure of shooting pistols is often accompanied by the sharp report of the gunshot, a sound signature that is both exhilarating and potentially damaging. Enter the world of suppressed pistols: a quieter, more refined shooting experience that offers a myriad of benefits for both the novice and seasoned shooter. In this article, we’ll dive into the science and benefits of using suppressors, often known as “silencers”, and how they can elevate your shooting experience.

Suppressors: Reducing Sound at the Muzzle

Unlike traditional ear protection, which muffles sound at the ear, suppressors work at the source: the muzzle of your pistol. By controlling the rapid expansion of gases and slowing the escape of these gases, suppressors reduce the loudness of the gunshot at its origin. The advantage here is twofold. Firstly, it offers a more comprehensive reduction in noise for everyone in the vicinity, not just the shooter. Secondly, by reducing noise at the source, suppressors minimize environmental noise pollution, making shooting sports more neighbor-friendly.

Benefits of Silencers

While the term “silencer” might be a misnomer (they don’t make guns silent, but rather quieter), the benefits of using them are concrete and substantial. Ranging from hearing protection to improved accuracy and even modularity, there’s a lot to unpack when considering the advantages of suppressed shooting.

Hearing Protection

One of the most immediate benefits of using suppressors is the added layer of hearing protection. While it’s always advisable to wear ear protection when shooting, suppressors substantially reduce the sound and concussive forces of a pistol. This means that the potential for hearing damage, especially during prolonged shooting sessions, is significantly lowered. It’s not just about protecting the shooter; bystanders and hunting companions also benefit from the reduced noise level.

Better Accuracy

A suppressed pistol offers a unique advantage when it comes to accuracy. With the reduction of the loud report and muzzle blast, shooters are less likely to flinch in anticipation of the shot. Additionally, the added weight of the suppressor at the front of the pistol can help reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil, allowing for quicker follow-up shots and better overall control of the firearm.


Many modern pistol suppressors are designed with modularity in mind. This means that shooters can adjust the length, weight, and even the sound suppression level of their device to match their specific needs or preferences. Whether you’re switching between different pistols or just looking to experiment with configurations, the modularity of suppressors adds a layer of flexibility to your shooting experience.

How Suppressors Fit into Your EDC

For the USA Carry community, integrating suppressors into one’s everyday carry (EDC) poses unique challenges and considerations. Given the increased size of a suppressed pistol, traditional on-body carry methods like hip holsters become less feasible. Instead, off-body carry, such as in specialized compartments of a backpack, emerges as a more practical solution. This method allows for rapid access while maintaining discretion. The added benefit of off-body carry is the ability to store additional tools or supplies alongside the firearm. When considering adding a suppressed pistol to your EDC, it’s essential to ensure your off-body carry solution offers both quick accessibility and security to prevent unauthorized access. The beauty of this setup is it blends seamlessly with urban environments, offering an efficient, stealthy, and practical EDC approach for those prioritizing suppressed capabilities.

Get Started with a .22 Suppressor

For those new to the world of suppressors and National Firearms Act (NFA) items, starting with .22 suppressors can be an excellent introduction. Not only are they more affordable, but the .22 caliber is also known for its inherently quiet characteristics. This makes it a perfect pairing for suppressors, offering an impressively quiet shooting experience. Moreover, they work as an invaluable training aid, helping new shooters get acclimated to suppressed shooting without the intimidation of larger calibers.

Easily Buy with Silencer Shop

For many, the process of purchasing a suppressor can seem daunting, given the legalities and paperwork involved. However, Silencer Shop has simplified this process, offering a streamlined online purchasing experience coupled with an extensive dealer network. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to expand your collection, Silencer Shop provides a hassle-free route to acquiring your desired suppressor.


The world of suppressed pistols offers a range of benefits, from the tangible, like better accuracy and hearing protection, to the more nuanced, like environmental noise reduction. Whether you’re considering a suppressor for practical, tactical, or recreational purposes, it’s undeniable that they bring a unique and valuable dimension to the shooting experience. Dive in, explore, and discover a quieter side of shooting that’s waiting to elevate your marksmanship journey.

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