Suspect Arrested After Being Shot While Breaking Into Elderly Couple’s Home

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BEAUMONT, TEXAS — A recent development has emerged regarding an incident in late spring where a Beaumont homeowner was forced to defend his property from an alleged intruder. According to court records, in early June, a 44-year-old male was indicted on burglary charges by a Jefferson County Grand Jury.

On the night of May 19, a 77-year-old woman noticed the individual trying to break into her house located on the 5300 block of Wildwood Drive, utilizing a metal chair to smash the glass patio door. Upon witnessing this, she alerted her 80-year-old husband who confronted the intruder, urging him to stop and vacate the premises. Ignoring the warning, the alleged burglar proceeded to break in, prompting the elderly homeowner to shoot him, fearing for both his and his spouse’s safety. Even after being shot, the intruder continued to enter the house, forcing the couple to exit their residence.

Upon their arrival, police encountered the distressed homeowners outside. Inside, they discovered the intruder, now identified as a 43-year-old local resident, suffering from a gunshot wound that was deemed non-life-threatening, hidden behind the bathroom door. A preliminary investigation unearthed signs of forced entry and a blood trail leading to the bathroom. Police disclosed that the injured man was earlier reported missing by his mother and resided just a block away from the scene of the incident.

A previous statement from Beaumont police highlighted an officer’s key role in providing crucial first aid to the suspect, potentially saving his life. Following his hospital treatment, the suspect was incarcerated on May 22, as per the recent updates from the Jefferson County jail inmate roster.

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