San Antonio Shooting Ruled Self-Defense After Initial Misidentification

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – In a twist of events, two men previously arrested for a shooting on the city’s South side have been released after an investigation concluded that they acted in self-defense. The incident, which took place at the intersection of Roosevelt and Kirkpatrick on Saturday, May 11th around 1:27 PM, initially implicated the duo as aggressors.

Local new reported that upon police arrival at the scene, they found a 55-year-old man who claimed he had been the target of an unprovoked shooting by a 26-year-old man and his companion. The older man, who was unharmed, had identified the younger men shortly after the incident, leading to their arrest.

However, as the investigation unfolded, evidence surfaced that painted a different picture. It was discovered that the alleged victim had actually instigated the confrontation by attacking the 26-year-old and his associate with a crowbar. The response of the younger men, involving the discharge of a firearm, was deemed an act of self-defense by authorities.

This incident underscores the importance of accurate initial reporting and the difficulties in determining the true aggressor in violent encounters. It’s crucial for individuals involved in such situations to remain at the scene and provide a clear account to law enforcement to prevent wrongful arrests. If you are involved in a self-defense situation, you should try to be the first to call 911, identify yourself as the victim, and stay at the scene to give a brief statement to responding officers.

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