Roofing Company Giving Free Turkey And AR-15 With Roof Purchase

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CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA — Roof EZ, a roofing business located in Cape Coral, is offering a unique Thanksgiving special: buy a roof in November and receive a free frozen turkey and an AR-15 assault rifle.

Jason Polly, the company president, believes this deal perfectly suits the festive spirit and the need for home and personal protection. Inspired by a similar promotion in Alabama, Polly considers this the quintessential Florida offer.

To ensure safety and legality, the AR-15s are distributed through Shoot Center in Cape Coral, requiring buyers to pass background checks and wait three days. For those uninterested in the firearm, Roof EZ offers a $500 discount on the roofing service, equivalent to the rifle’s value.

This unique marketing strategy has already garnered attention, securing 5-8 customers as the promotion begins.

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