Phoenix Woman Fires Gun Through Door, Stops Apartment Invasion

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PHOENIX, AZ – A Phoenix woman had to resort to using her firearm when an intruder attempted to forcefully enter her apartment in the early hours. The incident occurred when she heard a man aggressively trying to break down her door.

After briefly coming face to face with the suspect, she feared the door would give way under his relentless assault. “It was going to come down,” she recalled, noting the door visibly bending under the force. In a moment of fear and determination, she warned the intruder that she was armed before firing two shots through the door.

Though her shots missed, they successfully deterred the intruder, who fled the scene. Shaken but unharmed, she then called the police. Reflecting on the incident, she acknowledged the gravity of using a firearm in self-defense, reminding herself of her right to stand her ground.

Shooting Through Doors in Self-Defense

This incident raises important considerations about the use of firearms in home defense, particularly the decision to shoot through a door without a clear visual. While in this case, the action seems justified due to the imminent threat, shooting through barriers can be risky. It’s crucial to be aware of what lies beyond the target, as bullets can penetrate through walls and doors, potentially causing unintended harm. The woman’s quick thinking and courage under pressure likely saved her from harm, but it also serves as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with using a firearm for home defense.

As of now, the suspect remains unidentified, and no arrest has been made. The woman believes the incident may be linked to a domestic violence situation involving another resident in her apartment complex.

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