Pennsylvania Man Who Shot Dog Attacking Cat Not Charged

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YORK COUNTRY, PA – In a recent incident in York County, a man’s decision to shoot a dog attacking his cat has been deemed legally justifiable.

On Monday, the Northern York County Regional Police Department reported to the 4500 block of West Canal Road in Dover Township, where a two-year-old malamute, not confined to its owner’s property, had attacked a cat.

The police report stated that the dog entered the complainant’s property and began to aggressively chase his cats. While waiting for the police to respond, the dog attacked one of the cats and had it in its mouth shaking it. In response to the imminent threat to his pet, the complainant, having previously reported unconfined dogs, shot the malamute multiple times. The dog was later found by its owner and taken to a veterinarian, where it unfortunately succumbed to its injuries.

Under Pennsylvania Statutes Title 3, Dog Law section 459-501, the actions of the cat owner were legal. This law allows any person to kill a dog if it is observed attacking domestic animals or posing a threat to humans. This provision safeguards the rights of individuals to protect their pets and themselves from uncontrolled dogs.

However, it’s crucial to note that laws regarding the use of firearms to protect pets can vary widely by locality. What is permissible in one area might lead to severe legal consequences in another. Pet owners and firearms owners should be well-informed about their local regulations concerning the defense of pets and the use of firearms.

Can You Use Deadly Force to Protect Your Pet?

This incident serves as a significant reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership, including ensuring pets are properly confined and controlled. It also underscores the need for awareness about the legal responsibilities and rights concerning the use of firearms for protection.

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