‘Never Surrender’ – Trump’s Mugshot Heard Around the World

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Every day brings us a situation that makes us question whether Rod Serling is going to be coming around the corner. Growing up, I loved reruns of the now iconic Twilight Zone television series, a creation of Serling focusing on the dilemmas of ordinary people facing extraordinary and, oftentimes, strange and inexplicable events. Courtesy of the Deep State, this now sounds like a description of our own lives for the past decade.

This week was no different as Donald Trump, the former President of the United States and leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, turned himself into the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office after a 41-count indictment against Trump and 18 others delivered by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. It is Trump’s fourth indictment in a series confirming the fear of ordinary Americans—that the justice system is not just unfair but has been weaponized in service of the bureaucratic establishment.

This political persecution of Trump was undoubtedly expected to frighten his supporters into retreat, but that hasn’t happened. The political and chattering classes are scratching their heads, declaring his supporters a “cult” for refusing to bow to those who point and accuse. Believing Trump supporters are somehow mesmerized by the former president as opposed to us being appalled and shocked by the behavior of the establishment, which exposes just how out of touch the establishment is with ordinary Americans.

So here’s a newsflash: Americans supporting Trump are doing so because of his success on the issues during his first term. He made America safer, the economy stronger, and our lives better. For many people, it is also a statement to the establishment that we reject their dirty authoritarian effort to weaponize this government against those whom they consider to be political opponents, which now bizarrely includes Americans who love the country.

This open persecution is not just of Trump but of all of us. The weaponizing of the DOJ and the use of Soros-supported district attorneys to degrade and corrupt local law and order in this country impacts all of us. Ordinary American parents are in DOJ crosshairs simply because they became politically active; local Soros DA’s continue to destroy safety and law and order for law-abiding Americans across the country by coddling criminals with no-bail and pro-crime policies. They are determined to make us too afraid to do anything, especially that which would challenge their grip on power and punishment.

Americans watched as Trump flew to Atlanta to surrender to Fulton County Sheriff, as live news coverage of his motorcade was across all platforms. Florida Congressman Byron Donalds posted this on X (formerly known as Twitter) as Trump was subjected to the arrest: “Today is another dark day in U.S. history. A day when We The People & the world, will witness the continued weaponization of the justice system against a political opponent, former POTUS, & leading candidate for the upcoming presidential election. This is a travesty of justice.”

It is surreal, embarrassing for our country, and more than extremely troubling as a statement about the condition of our nation. Astonishingly, Trump is willing to go through this for us, something his persecutors no doubt hoped he would shrink away from. But no. After making remarks on the tarmac at Atlanta for his return to New Jersey, Trump posted his mugshot on Truth Social but also on X, his first post in over two years on what had been Twitter, noting: “Mug Shot – August 24, 2023. Election interference. Never Surrender! DonaldJTrump.Com.” 

Not exactly a message from a guy ready to go silently into that dark night.

Like everything else the left and their Democrat enablers do, this too, will not work out as they expect. Their goal is to frighten all of us into a condition where we are huddled in a corner, hoping our overlords won’t do us too much harm. The left crafts ugly scenes with ugly goals infused with fear and loathing. Their contempt for the American people is so significant they expect us to surrender. They will continue to be disappointed in our refusal to comply.

For those confused totalitarians in our midst who still don’t understand our ‘mood,’ support for Trump is in part similar to the underlying sentiment driving the remarkable Bud Light boycott. When the establishment makes it dangerous to speak your mind or even criminalizes opinion, we will find ways to remind the bureaucracy of our own quiet power and relevance as we lament the destruction of our politics and culture. But it’s also about condemning and rejecting being hectored, threatened, bullied, and even persecuted. That’s not the American way, and we’ve had enough.

The Trump mug shot is now everywhere, as are the mugshots of the others—his lawyers—who were also indicted by the Fulton County Star Chamber. We are told there will be trials, and Trump will “inevitably” be found guilty of something. Giddy Trump haters cite the 14th Amendment as a way to ban Trump from running for president. Who knows what other charges the special prosecutor will come up with out of DC. In other words, expect the insanity to continue, because none of this is rational. Simply put, the left never knows when to stop. They are driven by a malignant narcissism that forbids the rational and decent. One of the many major problems for the Democrats in their pathological derangement is the underestimation of the American people. It continues, and will be their undoing.

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