Man Points Gun At Driver During Road Rage Incident, Doesn’t Realize It’s A Cop

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In Florida, an off-duty state trooper with his family encountered a road rage incident on Oct. 29 near Lakeland. A driver in a red Chevy pickup, agitated by slow traffic, targeted the trooper, alternating his speed, shouting, and gesturing.

Things escalated when the driver, later identified as Matthew Timothy Reiter, 32, brandished a firearm at the trooper. The composed trooper reported the incident, leading to a search.

Authorities found Reiter at his Auburndale home, where they seized five firearms. Reiter faces charges of unlawful display of a weapon and aggravated assault with a weapon.

Florida Highway Patrol photo

Keeping your cool like this officer did is exactly what should be done, and removing yourself from the situation is always going to be the best route. If you’re unable to get away from a road rage incident, get yourself prepared and call police to report the incident, while simultaneously driving to the nearest police station.

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