Liberty Safe Under Fire After Giving FBI Access To Alleged Jan. 6 Rioter’s Safe And Firearms

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Liberty Safe, a prominent gun safe manufacturer, is facing increasing calls for a boycott akin to the Bud Light boycott, after complying with a federal warrant from the FBI to access the firearms of Nathan Hughes, a suspect in the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots. The company provided the FBI with the necessary access code, following verification of the valid warrant, as per their protocol to cooperate with law enforcement in such cases. This move has ignited a furious backlash from several conservative groups, including prominent figures like Charlie Kirk, who criticized the company for not opposing the warrant, likening the situation to Apple’s stance in similar scenarios.

Following the arrest of Hughes on August 30, who is charged with felony civil disorder connected to the Capitol unrest, many supporters of the MAGA movement have begun to threaten cancellation or return of orders with Liberty Safe, accusing it of betraying gun owners. They cited the company’s compliance as evidence that customer’s firearms were not safe with them.

Reacting to the growing outcry, Liberty Safe announced a change in its policy to allow customers the option to erase their safe combination records, thus giving them greater control over how their information is safeguarded. Despite acknowledging that this move may limit help in case of lost combinations, the company affirmed its commitment to supporting customers’ preferences in securing their property.

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