“It’s for the Children”

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“It’s for the children” is one of the most familiar alibis used by leftist tyrants and bullies throughout history. To this very day, Americans are faced with the malevolent targeting of children in the name of protecting them from their own parents.

But there is good news on the home front when it comes to our pushback against the left using schools to turn children against their parents. Claiming to be champions of ‘transgender children’, they attempt to co-opt the language of compassion and civil rights to surreptitiously damage the relationship and influence mothers and fathers have over their own children.

But while the left continues to use agents of the state at schools to cleave children from their parent’s sphere of influence, at the end of August, patriot and warrior attorney Harmeet Dhillon and her team at the Center for American Liberty achieved an important legal victory for Jessica Konen said her 11-year-old daughter, Alicia.

Once Konen found out her little girl was being “transitioned” without her knowledge, she sued the school. Fox News reported, “In what’s been called a landmark victory for parental rights, a California school district has settled for $100,000 with a mother who said her daughter was ‘socially transitioned’ to a boy without parental knowledge or consent.”

Konan is an example of what Biden’s DOJ must especially fear—an inspirational mom on a mission. “They [teachers and schools] need to understand their place, and they need to stay in their place. And schools nowadays they’re awful. So, I’m going to fight this fight and keep fighting this fight,” Konen told Fox News Digital. Her lawyer noted, “At its core, this case is about upholding the sacred bond between parents and their children…Parents have an inherent right to be involved in pivotal decisions concerning their children’s lives.”

Political and social advocates are constantly using this strawman argument that schools have to keep secrets from parents because the child may face danger at home or, at the very least, won’t be accepted for who they are.

That is the core of their argument, and yet if a child faces actual danger in a home, there are already laws allowing intervention for a child’s safety. But even the left knows they can’t (yet) have children taken from their parents simply because the parents don’t pay allegiance to the leftist narrative du jour. Make no mistake—that is their ultimate goal. Keep an eye on how the left and their media enablers will continue to push the malicious lie that anything other than a ‘progressive’ home constitutes an environment that is “unsafe” and “violent” for a child.

In this country, one hallmark is that we don’t allow the government to punish us for our beliefs, take our children from us because of our faith, or arrest people because we don’t like their opinions. At its core, it is disgusting and pathetic, but even more seriously, it reveals a nationwide effort by the government and agents of the state (through teachers’ unions and leftist politicians) to gain pseudo-custody of your children by alleging that not conforming to the leftist worldview places children in danger.

For example, California is now suing a Southern California school district for daring to implement a policy requiring parents to be notified if their children want to change their gender or pronouns. California Attorney General Rob Bonta said informing parents was a threat to the safety of students: “For far too many transgender children and gender nonconforming youth, school serves as their only safe haven — a place away from home where they can find validation, safety, privacy. We have to protect that.”

This obsession by the Democrats has nothing to do with being concerned about children and everything to do with using an issue to smear parents, turn children against their parents, and then substitute leftist agents of the state as the moral arbiters for all children in public school.

Fortunately, more schools are implementing parental rights policies, which is a direct result of parents running for and winning school board seats throughout the country, but they will also likely face lawsuits from states run by regressive Democrats. We must remain vigilant and involved at our local and state levels.

Efforts to cleave the relationship between parents and children are taking more than one form. Another attempt by a school to frighten and crush a child’s freedom and usurp the family’s values was in full view when a Colorado Springs middle school banned a boy from having a Gadsden flag sticker on his backpack. The problem? They explained it was due to the flag’s “origins with slavery,” a completely false and wildly ignorant claim.

A videotape of the meeting between an administrator from the school, the boy, and his mom went viral on social media and the news, and only then, in the midst of the massive backlash, did the school reverse itself, allowing the boy to wear the Gadsden flag patch. Connor Boyack, an education expert and president of the Libertas Institute in Utah, broke the story and noted this about the outcome on X (formerly Twitter): “We won! Let this be a lesson — document your encounters w/ government employees. Had Jaiden’s mom not recorded the video, this wouldn’t have got nearly the attention that it did.”

Believing parents have a right to know what’s happening to their children in school is being framed by the Democrats as scandalous, controversial, and strange. But no one believes that. Americans are united against the increasingly extreme Democrat social agenda, especially that which impacts children, with a new poll indicating Americans don’t want children’s lives manipulated and used as proxies in adult political and cultural fights.

This is not surprising at all. Agents of the state, strangers who have no long-term personal responsibility or interest in the children but want to control and influence them, have no business perpetuating the malevolent argument that parents are the dangerous ones. It is strangers who are obsessed with controlling your children who are the monsters on the hill.

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