Houston Man Exchanges Gunfire with Burglar Who Stole Firearm from His Car

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HOUSTON, TX – A suspect was shot after he and another suspect broke into a car and stole a handgun.

Around 4 AM yesterday, a Houston man noticed his vehicle was broken into outside of his apartment complex. Local news reports state that he located two suspects nearby, and a shootout ensued. Whether one of the suspects or the vehicle owner shot first is unknown.

The robbers stole a handgun from the vehicle, so it is also unknown if they were firing the stolen gun or if they had a gun on them already.

After getting a call reporting the shooting, the police arrived on the scene, finding the vehicle’s owner waving them down. They found one of the suspects who had been shot. The police applied two tourniquets and transported him to the hospital. His condition is unknown, and the second suspect got away.

It is very important to note that your vehicle is not a holster. The only time I recommend leaving a gun in the vehicle is if you absolutely have to, such as disarming before going into a post office. If you need to do so, then you should also have a lockable safe that can be secured to something in the vehicle, such as a seat rail. I use a Vaultek LifePod that fits underneath my driver’s seat and is secured to the seat post. While this may not stop someone determined to get into the safe, it should be good enough to deter the quick smash-and-grab car break-ins. 

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