Homeowner Shoots Suspected Burglar in the Hand After Confronting Him While Breaking Into His Shed


SHERMAN, TX – A homeowner shot a suspected burglar in Sherman on Monday afternoon, leading to the arrest of the injured suspect. The Sherman Police Department quickly responded to the call for shots fired, which came from a residence in the 1300 block of East Ida Road.

“Officers located the homeowner and detectives were called. To this point in our investigation, it appears that the firearm discharge was justified according to state law,” said Lieutenant Sam Boyle with the Sherman Police Department.

The incident occurred around 5 PM when the homeowner confronted the suspect, later identified as 36-year-old Jose Menjivar, who was allegedly breaking into the homeowner’s shed. According to police reports, Menjivar charged at the homeowner with a screwdriver, prompting the homeowner to fire his weapon in self-defense, striking Menjivar in the hand.

“There were some burglary tools located on the scene. There was evidence found that would support the homeowner’s claim. We’re not seeing anything that refutes his claim at this point,” Boyle added.

Officers detained Menjivar less than a block away from the scene and transported him to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries, which were not life-threatening. Menjivar was subsequently arrested for burglary of a building.

“We’ll confer with the DA’s office once we get some solidified facts and get a statement from the detained person,” Boyle said. The investigation is ongoing, but charges will be filed against Menjivar for the burglary.

While the outcome of this incident was relatively favorable for the homeowner, it serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of confronting a suspect. Leaving the relative safety of one’s home to engage with a burglar could have had far worse consequences, especially if the suspect had been armed with a firearm. In this case, the suspect was shot in the hand, which may have occurred because the homeowner, potentially lacking extensive training, focused on the weapon rather than the anatomy of the person wielding it.

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