Father Force to Shoot Son in Self-Defense During Domestic Assault

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JONES COUNTY, MS- Late on Thursday evening a domestic incident spiraled out of control, resulting in a son being shot by his own father.

Responding to a call about a shooting at a home on Cactus Drive, the Jones County Sheriff’s Department (JCSD) quickly arrived at the scene. Initial reports detail how 42-year-old Jeffery Boler was shot in the shoulder by his father amidst a family disagreement.

The Police conducted a thorough investigation to understand the sequence of events. It became clear that Boler, suspected to be intoxicated, was involved in an assault against his parents, Douglas, aged 72, and Amanda, aged 70.

Faced with a threatening situation, Douglas resorted to using his firearm to stop the assault on himself and his wife. This act of self-protection leads the sheriff’s department to presently view the incident as an act of self-defense.

In the aftermath, Boler was attended to by EMS, who transported him to South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel for medical attention. He is now facing a charge of domestic violence-aggravated assault due to his actions.

Domestic Violence and CCW

Reflecting on this unfortunate event, it’s evident that it is a sad day when a parent is put in a position to take such drastic measures against their own child. The significant age gap between Douglas and Jeffery, a full 30 years shows a clear disparity of force, highlighting the vulnerability of the elderly and demonstrating the necessity for self-defense in such situations.

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