Estranged Husband with Protective Order Shot After Pointing Gun at Wife at Tulsa Gas Station


TULSA, OK — A confrontation at a Tulsa gas station Monday night ended with a man being shot after he allegedly threatened his estranged wife with a firearm. The incident occurred at a QuikTrip near 11th and Sheridan around 7 p.m., according to Tulsa Police.

The altercation began when the man approached his estranged wife, who was accompanied by a group of friends. Witnesses reported that he brandished a gun during the confrontation. In response, one of the friends pulled out a firearm and demanded that the man step back and put his weapon down.

Despite the warning, the man allegedly pointed his gun at the friend. In a swift reaction, the friend shot the man twice, according to police reports. The man was taken to the hospital with injuries but is expected to recover.

Authorities noted that the woman had a protective order against her estranged husband, adding a layer of complexity to the situation. The protective order likely justified the friend’s actions under self-defense laws.

While the immediate threat was neutralized without any further harm, this incident raises an important point. In situations like these, action often beats reaction. It sounds like the shooter would have been justified in using his firearm in self-defense before telling the suspect to put his gun down. If the suspect had started shooting, the situation could have escalated quickly, putting more lives at risk.

The Tulsa Police Department continues to investigate the incident. No charges have been filed against the shooter, who appears to have acted in defense of the woman and other friends present at the scene.

News On 6 reported the incident, highlighting the tense moments that led to the shooting. This situation serves as a reminder that while protective orders have their place, they are ultimately just pieces of paper. If someone is determined to do harm, the protective order alone won’t stop them. In this case, it was the presence of a firearm and the quick actions of her friend that protected her, not the protective order.

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