Elevate Your Carry Confidence with Our New Enigma Tune-Up Course

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If you haven’t heard yet, PHLster is now offering a free, online concealment class that covers all things Enigma! You can attend as an audience member (where you listen and watch; but you don’t interact with the concealment coaches and your video/microphone are off) or you can attend as a participant (where you’ll be on camera and have an opportunity to show us your concealment, discuss any issues you’re having, and get personalized concealment tips from our concealment coaches).

Audience members come from all steps along the concealment journey, and many may not own an Enigma yet. To attend as a participant you must submit photos of your correctly assembled Enigma, and be available for a mic check 15 minutes before class begins. Fill out the registration form to sign up!

Class on Feb 5th will be at 7 PM CT (5 PM PST/6 PM MT/8 PM ET) and class on Feb 12th will be at 8 PM CT (6 PM PST/7 PM MT/9 PM ET).
Class is usually set for an hour and 15 minutes, but it varies based on how many questions there are from the audience, and how much time we have to spend with each participant. Our goal is to always wrap up the class in an hour and a half or less.

Enroll for February 5th

Enroll for February 12th

Participants in the tune-up course will undergo an immersive, personalized experience where PHLster concealment coaches will analyze their concealment, and provide individual direction. Some participants may have just purchased their first Enigma, and be unsure of where to start. Other participants may be struggling with a concealment issue or a comfort issue and need some additional help. Participants must own an assembled PHLster Enigma and be willing to stay on camera for the duration of the class.

Folks who would like to sign up as participants will need to fill out a registration form, and upload photographs of their assembled Enigma. Three photographs are required: A front view, a top-down view, and a bottom-up view. Photo examples will be available on the upload screen. Incomplete registration forms will not be considered.

Participants will be asked to join the Zoom class 15 minutes before class begins for a mic check and safety brief.

Audience members will be able to observe the class, including the concealment advice between participants and PHLster concealment coaches. Audience members will be able to type out questions, although they will not have the ability to unmute or be on video. Some audience members may be interested in purchasing an Enigma and want to see how it works for others in real-time. Other audience members may have good concealment with their Enigma, and be interested in learning how to help others achieve better concealment. Everyone who signs up as an audience member will receive a Zoom link for the class. The audience spots are unlimited. Due to the structure of the class, there are limited spaces for participants, and anyone who isn’t selected to participate will receive the link to be an audience member.

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