Chicago Liquor Store Clerk Opens Fire On Armed Robbers

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CHICAGO, IL – Two armed robbers were chased out of Chicago-area liquor store by an armed clerk in early November, opening fire on them as they tried to shake down the store.

The incident was part of a string of liquor store robberies in the Chicago area over the past few months.

Liquor Store Shootout Sends Armed Robbers On The Run

On Nov. 6, 2023, two armed robbers entered California Liquors on Chicago’s North Side, according to CW Chicago and started fighting with the clerk.

The clerk was struck in the head with a bottle, which prompted him to fight for his life. After being hit with the bottle, the clerk – an unidentified 44-year-old – drew a pistol and started shooting.

The robbers fled the scene, and the clerk received treatment at St. Francis Hospital.

The clerk prevailed, but the victimization goes on, however.

The Chicago area has been plagued by a rash of liquor store robberies in recent months. At the time of the robbery on Nov. 6, there had been upward of a dozen that had occurred in the 30 days leading up to it, according to ABC Chicago.

Not only that, but the trend has continued. On January 16, according to CBS News, three liquor stores were robbed in a span of 40 minutes. Based on the verbiage used and appearances described to police and the media, by the same perpetrators. Two more occurred after Tuesday, Jan. 16.

While liquor stores are a common target of armed robbers along with other convenience stores and retail stores, it appears that more of it is currently happening in Chicago.

Robbers Typically Don’t Want To Be In A Gunfight

If there’s one thing that has borne out over time, it’s that armed robbers typically don’t want to fight. When resisted with violence – especially if you come at them hard and fast – they tend to leave.

They may shoot back as they flee, but generally once it’s obvious that their intended prey has teeth too…they lose interest in a hurry.

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