Armed Robber Hails Wrong Ride: Driver Hands Over Bullets, Not Bills

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METAIRIE, LA – A 23-year-old man thought a taxi cab driver would be an easy target only to learn the hard way that you never know who is legally armed.

A Louisiana taxi cab driver was driving his taxi around 1 AM on an Aug. 21. The 23-year-old suspect, armed with a handgun, approached the taxi driver and demanded money. But the taxi driver was armed and fired, hitting the suspect multiple times. He died on the scene.

The suspect fit the description of someone who had robbed two other people earlier that day and earlier that week. It is safe to say that he won’t try that again.

A Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokes person said that “the driver was presented with a threat to his life” and the shooting was in self-defense. The taxi driver will not be facing any charges.

In an era where personal safety is often under scrutiny, this incident highlights the unpredictable nature of crime and the importance of self-defense rights. It serves as an important reminder that potential victims may be equipped to defend themselves, and that perpetrators cannot always predict the scenarios they confront. It underscores the complex debate about personal protection, the right to bear arms, and the need for increased awareness and training for those choosing to carry concealed.

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