Armed Deacon Catches Church Burglar in the Act, Holds Him at Gunpoint for Police


BEAUMONT, TX – A would-be church burglar got more than he bargained for Tuesday morning when he was caught in the act by an armed deacon.

Quentin Grant, a deacon at Impact Ministries, arrived at the church in the 1100 block of Delaware St. just before 10:20 a.m. on May 14. He says he caught Leon Goodman, 45, of Beaumont, in the act of stealing from the church.

Grant noticed one of the church’s speakers sitting in the entryway behind the glass doors and immediately knew something wasn’t right. Drawing his gun, he went inside the church and flipped a breaker to turn on all the lights. He then saw Goodman walking toward him.

Grant ordered Goodman to lay on the floor before calling 911. He held Goodman at gunpoint until officers arrived. Grant explained that he had gone to the church to do some cleaning in the office when he discovered Goodman burglarizing the property. According to Grant, Goodman had a speaker, a spotlight removed from a wall, a fan, and other electronic equipment ready to carry out.

Police officers who responded to the scene said Goodman was known to them, Grant reported. Goodman has a prior list of convictions, which 12News obtained from the Jefferson County District Clerk.

While this incident ended without further violence, confronting burglars and holding them for police can be risky. Storefront churches are often targeted for their speaker systems, which are frequently sold to aspiring musical groups.

This case serves as a reminder of the potential dangers involved in confronting criminals. It highlights the importance of being prepared and knowing how to handle such situations safely.

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